Speedpro imaging celebrates michael mckenny in honor of black history month

February 26, 2018

Michael McKenny is a husband, father, and son. He’s also a mentor, provider, community advocate, and one of more than 2.6 million African American business owners in the U.S.

McKenny is the owner and operator of theSpeedPro studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a business owner with the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, he is among a select group of Americans who have made the leap into entrepreneurship. As a black business owner, he is among an even more exclusive group.

Although 2.6 million may seem like a large number,data shows that African American owners make up between 2-6% of business owners in America. The figure isn’t surprising to McKenny.

“When I attend functions, such as chamber events, I’m frequently the only minority business owner in attendance,” says McKenny. “I have a huge opportunity to let minorities know that business ownership is possible if you are willing to put in the hard work, make some sacrifices and persevere.”

Being a pillar of the community is important to McKenny, but he’s a businessman at heart.

“I’m running a business. I’m here to make money. However, it’s important to give back to my community. I also want to inspire those who may only believe there is only one path to success. We are frequently met with the stereotype that you have to be a hip-hop artist or athlete in order to be successful. There are other ways. And most importantly: even if you have made mistakes in your past, they don’t have to define your future.”

Owning SpeedPro St. Petersburg is a family affair for McKenny. His wife of 16 years and a U.S. Army veteran, Holly, serves as general manager of his SpeedPro location. They have two teenage daughters. Their oldest works part time at the studio, as does McKenny’s father. Speaking of his father, Michael credits his parents for being an entrepreneur.

“My parents were my biggest cheerleaders,” says McKenny. “It sounds cliché, but it is the absolute truth in my case. When Holly was in the Army, without my parents, I’m not sure how I would have managed it. When I was considering starting my own business, I consulted heavily with my father. He is a great sounding board for his thoughtfulness, experience, patience and wisdom.”

Before making the leap into entrepreneurship, McKenny spent 15 years working for one of the country’s largest personal lines insurers. He worked his way up through the ranks until his trajectory became stagnant. McKenny says the tipping point to his decision to venture out on his own was when a program he implemented was executed company-wide.

“I got a mention in a PowerPoint slide and a gift certificate. After years of giving the company my all, I was still in the same position. It motivated me to start searching for opportunities that would fully benefit my family.”

McKenny, a music buff who majored in music management in college, says SpeedPro allows him to tap into his artistic side. Michael adds that his fellow studio owners are also among the best perks. “The owners are an exceptional group of people. They are quick to help one another, provide exceptional guidance and offer advice whenever I need it.”

During the initial months after opening, McKenny says he faced some difficulties that come with starting any business from the ground up. Now he’s hitting his stride, as well as sales targets. That has allowed him to hire an additional sales representative this month as well as add additional production equipment. McKenny says he plans to become even more aggressive in the St. Petersburg market to build his SpeedPro clientele.

Since making the bold decision to become an entrepreneur, McKenny hasn’t looked back. He says he’s excited about the opportunities business ownership is delivering. And with his oldest daughter already in an entrepreneurial mindset – she plans to operate a business that caters beauty products to Type 1 diabetics and give a portion of all sales back to Type 1 Diabetes research – he has a feeling this SpeedPro franchise may stay in the family years down the line.

“Two years ago, if you would’ve asked our friends, they would’ve said there’s no way my wife and I could work together. We are really opposites in a lot of ways. Now, our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been. Those differences make for a great team and great balance. I’m fortunate to get to work with my father. I’m working with my daughter at times. I expect that this can be generational. The sky is the limit.”

And that’s his message to fellow African American owners, particularly the youth. The sky is the limit. Business ownership is within reach in McKenny’s eyes, if you’re willing to put in the hard work, dedication, and focus that he has displayed.

For more information on the SpeedPro franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a successful franchise owner like Michael, visit speedprofranchising.com.

Bonding through business: husband-and-wife speedpro imaging owners fall in love with working together

February 14, 2018

There’s a quote from Confucius that says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s certainly the case for the more than 130 SpeedPro owners who are living their life to the fullest every day. As we acknowledge Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of romance, SpeedPro is highlighting studio owners who are not only doing what they love, but are doing it with the person they love.

Rand and Lorna Scherff are among nearly four million “co-preneurs” – married couples who are in business together. The pair has owned SpeedPro of North OC in Tustin, California for the last eight years. Lorna says the business partnership boiled down to a matter of convenience.

“Since we hardly spent much time together during the day, Rand thought it would be nice to have us build a business together,” says Lorna. “We talked about not being afraid to go outside our comfort zones, not being afraid to take the financial risk. And to hire the best individuals to accomplish the job because we didn’t want to have to produce the products ourselves.”

It’s one thing in life to go into business with partners, such as colleagues, friends, or other like-minded individuals. But to go into business ownership with your spouse can sometimes be a risky proposition. Add to a marriage the stresses and rigors of business ownership, and it’s easy to understand the risks involved. It’s certainly a labor of love for the Scherffs, who will celebrate 23 years of marriage this May.

“It can be challenging at times, as far as trying not to talk about business when we are at home,” says Lorna. “But as far as working together, for the most part, we do fairly well. Rand has his strengths, and so do I. Obviously, many tasks are done together.”

The Scherffs began courting entrepreneurship after Rand retired as plant manager, a role he held for his entire professional life. “We considered a frozen treat restaurant and a portable storage facility,” says Lorna. The couple ultimately determined that SpeedPro was the perfect fit because, as Lorna explained, it seemed like the easiest business to get off the ground.

Like many relationships, there are some growing pains. The Scherffs experienced that early on as they got their SpeedPro studio up and running. “We did not have a single client, business, or even friend to sell to when we opened our doors,” says Lorna.

Their love for one another, and a desire to succeed, helped the Scherffs persevere. These eight years have served as an important lesson about business. Lorna says they have also taught them about the strength of their marriage.

“Since we are together a good deal of the time, it seems we have a strong tolerance for each other,” she says. “We actually enjoy working together. Now, there are times we disagree, but we move forward quickly and get the solution figured out.”

Patience and persistence are what the Scherffs lean on to get through tough times. Those, and faith. “I am a firm believer in God and know that He is guiding me through these moments of doubt,” Lorna says.

The Scherffs’ love for one another has never been stronger. And they’re still loving working together as the successful owners of their SpeedPro of North OC studio. It’s a work in progress, and an adventure that they’re enjoying together.

“Set your ego aside and realize no one person is always right,” Lorna advises. She adds, “You must not be faint of heart; it’s tough out here. Don’t expect instant success. You will work harder than you ever have.”

As the saying goes, “Love is worth fighting for.”

Speedpro imaging announces record-breaking january

January 31, 2018

Larry Oberly, New CEO of Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise, Quickly Fueling Unprecedented New Studio Sales Growth

Centennial, Colo – (January 30, 2017) – SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, is announcing a fast start to 2018. The company is smashing franchise sales records under new corporate leadership as CEO Larry Oberly’s vision is paying immediate dividends. With Oberly at the helm, SpeedPro just set a record for new sales for the month of January.

Speedpro has hit the ground running after a fantastic finish to 2017 with three new studio sales in the past 30 days. That’s a new January record for the Centennial-based company, whose reach spans coast to coast. Add those new sales to the two studios that opened in December and three more opening by end of February, and the SpeedPro franchise network has grown to 126 locations in 31 states.

Oberly, who officially became CEO on November 6, 2017, says the SpeedPro franchise opportunity has never been more attractive and credits his team for quickly implementing a new company vision that prioritizes franchisee profitability.

“The record sales growth we have experienced in January speaks to the attractiveness of the SpeedPro brand and all those who represent it,” says Oberly. “We’ve strategically made our franchise owners a top priority as we begin a brand-new era at SpeedPro, including implementing new digital marketing initiatives. Prosperity for all will be accomplished as we continue to expand the number of franchise partnerships in our network in 2018 and beyond.”

The three new members who joined the SpeedPro family in January 2018 are:

 Lance Springer – SpeedPro Visual Solutions (Waterloo, Iowa)

 Steve Rowe – SpeedPro Affinity Solutions (Sarasota, Florida)

 Lily, David, and Jill Smelser – SpeedPro All-Stars (Rochester, MN)

As mentioned, SpeedPro is in the midst of a series of fantastic grand openings as well. The five new business owners who recently opened their studios, or will open in the coming days/weeks, include:

December 2017 SpeedPro Studio Openings:

 Chavah Avraham – SpeedPro Pearland, TX

 Marc Bouchard – SpeedPro Towson, MD

January 2018 SpeedPro Studio Openings:

 Dave Poche – SpeedPro Durham, NC

 Barry & Amy Word – SpeedPro Centreville, VA

February 2018 SpeedPro Studio Openings:

 Steve & Jean Jaszai – SpeedPro Northglenn, CO

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients. Each of these new owners is proud to offer a full range of large-format printing services, including:

 Banners, decals, digital signage, directional signage, elevator wraps

 Event graphics, event tents, flags, fleet wraps, floor graphics

 Indoor signage, outdoor signage, point of purchase displays

 Retractors, signs & graphics, table coverings & table-toppers

 Trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall murals, window graphics

For more information about SpeedPro’s printing and graphics solutions, please visitspeedpro.com.

For more information about the SpeedPro Franchise opportunity, please visitspeedprofranchising.com.

About SpeedPro

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large-format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are more than 135 studios open and in development in 32 states.

speedpro imaging’s january 2018 franchisee in focus: steve moran-cassese, marin, ca

January 29, 2018

Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Monthly Franchisee Series Focuses on Studio Owner Steve Moran-Cassese’s Winning Business Spirit

You know the feeling. The premonition that, professionally, maybe it’s time for something new in your life. That’s what led Steve Moran-Cassese to join the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise and launch what is now his very successful and highly publicizedSpeedPro-Marin studio in the San Francisco Bay area.

For Moran-Cassese, the moment of clarity happened around a decade ago. “I had just returned from living overseas for two years,” he says. “It was percolating over time. I wanted to make a change.”

That change involved leaving the agency industry that helped Moran-Cassese see the world.

“It was an incredible experience,” says Moran-Cassese. Part of his job meant working on five Olympic games, beginning in 1998 all the way until 2006. “I traveled the world on business. I got to go to a lot of places – New Zealand, most of Europe, and Salt Lake City here in the states. I was exposed to and dealt with plenty of high-end clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.”

Moran-Cassese spent 17 years producing action-based television programming and executing event marketing. After moving back to the San Francisco Bay area, life was going well, but something needed to change. “I needed a fresh start. I was in my 40s and had reached a point where the status quo was no longer acceptable. I needed to decompress. That’s when I decided to take a sabbatical.”

That sabbatical sent him back overseas, this time to Africa to volunteer on a game reserve for six weeks assisting in animal research.

“There’s nothing like hearing hyenas cackle in the middle of the night or waking up and seeing a giraffe in the distance,” says Moran-Cassese. “It was great being disengaged from everyday life.”

While life was going well overseas, a big decision was awaiting him when he returned to the Bay area. How was he going to make a living?

Moran-Cassese found the answer through research. While embarking on the trip of a lifetime, Moran-Cassese was also engaged with what was the next step in his life. When he returned home, that research only intensified. With the help of a franchise consultant, Moran-Cassese narrowed his potential suitors to a few options. It was between SpeedPro and a few food-focused franchises.

“I considered getting into the food franchising industry, specifically the new fast/casual sector,” says Steve. “There were a lot of new franchises in the organic food market that I liked. However, the more I learned, the more I saw that this type of business would require having a lot of staff, long hours, having to work seven days a week, etc. I didn’t want to have to deal with staff turnover, the operating hours and all of the additional headaches.”

SpeedPro’s business model – with its client-based services and network of business professionals, paired with normal work hours and less overhead – stood out to Moran-Cassese and proved to be the deciding factor. In 2011, he signed on with SpeedPro to open a new studio in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” says Moran-Cassese. “When I was younger, I invented a product and applied for a patent. I also produced and sold t-shirts in college to make some extra money. Being a business owner has always been inside me.”

Moran-Cassese says his past experiences within the agency industry prepared him for his SpeedPro business. He adds that the SpeedPro business model is appealing to some of America’s most influential companies in his territory.

“I understood customer service, B2B clients, and project management. When I was managing large, complex events around the Olympics and televised sports programs, there were lots of fast-moving parts that needed constant attention. Here at SpeedPro, that ability to manage multiple projects at once is important. When clients come to us, they’re expecting our input and expertise to help them discover the graphic solutions that best fit their needs. We work with many national agencies, as well as large brands like Clif Bar and Facebook; we know what they’re looking for. They want professional service, dependability and a quality product. They have other important things to do than worry about their printing project. That’s why they hire us.”

Moran-Cassese’s efforts are getting noticed. His wall murals received praise and recognition recently in several articles. As he sees it, working on projects – such as thesemesmerizing graphics – are a no-brainer. “The research is out there – environmental/interior graphics is the fastest-growing market segment. We see that as a big opportunity and thus, we’ve put a lot of effort into the environmental graphics space. It’s a top priority for us.”

From business ownership to bottom-line growth, Moran-Cassese is always thinking about what’s next. And ever since he’s joined SpeedPro, that future-focused train of thought has paid off – big time.

For more information on the SpeedPro franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a successful franchise owner, like Steve, please visit speedprofranchising.com.

speedpro imaging ranked a top franchise in entrepreneur’s annual franchise 500® list

January 23, 2018

Centennial, CO – (January 23, 2018) – SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, proudly announces its inclusion in the exclusive Franchise 500® byEntrepreneur magazine. SpeedPro ranked #399 on the list for its outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, brand power and financial strength and stability.

“At SpeedPro, we’re working hard each day to provide excellent service to our clients and help our franchise owners achieve unprecedented profitability,” says Larry Oberly, SpeedPro’s chief executive officer. “We are continuously implementing programs and systems dedicated to creating a more productive environment at our corporate office and our studios. This ranking is a testament to the phenomenal work done by our corporate office and all SpeedPro franchisees. It’s humbling to be recognized among the very best by Entrepreneur magazine.”

A dedication to be the industry leader in wide-format graphics helped propel SpeedPro to the highly sought-after honor. Entrepreneur received more than 1,000 applications. Over its 39 years in existence, the Franchise 500® has become both a dominant competitive measure for franchisors and a primary research tool for potential franchisees. SpeedPro’s position on the ranking is a testament to its strength as a franchise opportunity.

“This year’s Franchise 500® ranking features both up-and-comers who bring fresh ideas to an ever- changing industry, as well as savvy stalwarts that have thrived for decades. We are proud to highlight and celebrate them all,” says Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur. “Our results show that the industry is strong—and that the most enduring franchisors are those who learn to balance innovation with reliability. That’s how to attract new customers while keeping the old ones happy.”

The key factors that go into Entrepreneur’s evaluation include costs and fees, size and growth, support, brand strength and financial strength and ability. All franchises are given a cumulative score based on more than 150 data points, and the 500 franchises with the highest cumulative scores become the Franchise 500® in ranking order.

To view SpeedPro in the full ranking, visit entrepreneur.com/franchise500. Results can also be seen in the January/February issue of Entrepreneur, available on newsstands now.

For more information about SpeedPro’s printing and graphics solutions, please visitspeedpro.com.

For more information about SpeedPro franchise opportunities, please visitspeedprofranchising.com.

About SpeedPro

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled

Speedpro imaging riding wave of franchise development momentum into 2018

January 17, 2018

SpeedPro, the Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise, Builds on a Wildly Successful 2017 Defined by Franchise Growth and Introducing a New CEO

(Centennial, CO – January 17, 2018) – SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, is proud of the success, gains and advancements made systemwide in 2017. Most notably, SpeedPro opened 11 new locations across the United States and introduced Larry Oberly as its new CEO. All corporate executives and franchise partners are eager to expand upon this recent success in 2018, further establishing SpeedPro as the industry leader in wide-format graphics.

The nationwide franchise experienced significant expansion over the course of the year. In 2017, SpeedPro generated a 10.6% increase over 2016’s systemwide sales figures and introduced 13 new franchisees with diverse backgrounds. Among the most recent to open their SpeedPro studios:

  • Gerald and Pam Stout in Akron, OH
  • Steve and Jean Jaszai in Northglenn, CO
  • Chavah Avraham in Pearland, TX
  • Marc Bouchard in Towson, MD
  • Dave Poche in Durham, NC

Beyond that, perhaps the biggest headline from 2017 was the introduction of Larry Oberly as the company’s new chief executive officer. Oberly, a franchise leader with over 25 years of experience as a franchisor and franchisee (including 10 years as vice president of global development at RE/MAX), joined the SpeedPro team on November 6, 2017.

Soon after taking over, Oberly defined and shared his vision with the entire SpeedPro family (learn more in part one and part two of a recent sit-down interview with Oberly). He then worked swiftly to begin implementing this vision, emboldening the SpeedPro brand and empowering SpeedPro franchisees to be more successful.

With Oberly at the helm, SpeedPro is poised to revolutionize the industry for years to come. The company is preparing to open new franchises at a blistering pace in 2018. There are currently nine units in development that will open early in the year, with many more in the pipeline.

Oberly says he’s excited to grow the SpeedPro franchise system while providing current franchisees with unprecedented support and guidance.

“2018 will be a breakout year for SpeedPro,” says Oberly. “We are creating a lot of momentum coming into the new year and look forward to further establishing our company as the national leader in large-format printing. The key to accomplishing that is turning our full attention to our franchisees – helping them become more profitable and efficient than ever before. We’re hard at work executing our new vision and we’re already seeing fantastic results. We’re excited to make 2018 the best year yet for everyone at SpeedPro.”

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients, including:

  • Banners, decals, digital signage, directional signage, elevator wraps
  • Event graphics, event tents, flags, fleet wraps, floor graphics
  • Indoor signage, outdoor signage, point-of-purchase displays
  • Retractors, signs and graphics, table coverings and table-toppers
  • Trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall murals, window graphics

For more information about SpeedPro’s printing and graphics solutions, please visitspeedpro.com.

For more information about the SpeedPro franchise opportunity, please visitspeedprofranchising.com.

About SpeedPro

With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are 128 studios open and operating in 31 states, with several more in various stages of development.

speedpro imaging’s december 2017 franchisee in focus: littie brown, marietta, georgia

December 22, 2017

Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Monthly Franchisee Series Focuses on Studio Owners Littie Brown and her Bold Approach to Business

Small business is the heart of America’s economy. The Small Business Association determined small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms. Littie Brown is among the millions who determined entrepreneurship was the best course of action for professional and personal satisfaction. Littie Brown, along with longtime friend and confidant Karen Brown (no relation), are the owners of SpeedPro Marietta (Ga.).

Littie Brown joined SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, after an extensive and accomplished career, including 26 years with Xerox. Littie’s strong sales background lead Grainger Industrial Supply to recruit her as Southeast Regional Sales Vice President. She served in that role for eight years. “It was going great up until the final year,” says Littie. “They wanted changes, something different that I wasn’t necessarily on board with. I determined it was a good time to do something new in my life, so I left on a positive note.”

But Littie didn’t immediately jump into the role of a SpeedPro business owner.

“There were several intriguing options I was considering at the time, and some of those didn’t involve entrepreneurship. I looked at running a non-profit in the Atlanta metro, I even looked at becoming a professor. That thought quickly subsided once they told me about the salary,” Littie said laughingly.

For years, Littie and Karen had discussed the thought of owning their own business. When Karen left her job, they were ready to transform those thoughts into reality. The pair sought out the services of a franchise consultant who highlighted a few businesses, including a high-end barbershop, a custom closet franchise and a cleaning services franchise. There was one that stood out.

“SpeedPro had an already established brand name,” says Littie. “The previous owner was looking to sell the business and it was in a great location for us. It was in the area where we live and attend church. The franchise location was already built out and had a little bit of a customer base. Karen and I felt like we could excel once we got the business jumpstarted.”

Being an entrepreneur opened Littie’s eyes to how this country relies on small business owners.

“After spending my life in corporate, I didn’t realize the importance of small businesses. That includes how many there are and how they make the country move. I have great appreciation for people who have been small business owners their entire lives. I now understand what it is like to rely 100-percent on yourself. We rely on bigger companies, but we’re going to push work to our fellow small businesses when we can.”

Business ownership isn’t a foreign concept to Littie. She also owns a real estate company and accredits her thought process in the corporate world preparing her for small business ownership.

“I always ran my corporate job like I owned that part of the business,” Littie says. “The SpeedPro business model was the closest to being in the same B2B, VP environment to which I had grown accustomed. Being in the corporate setting enhanced my sales skills, and I learned how to get the most of the employees I managed.”

It’s that experience with sales and success, that had Littie full of excitement when she finally signed on to become a SpeedPro franchisee in 2013. “We had a lot of support from family and friends and some awesome mentors,” she says.

Littie’s support system is deep. She is close to members of her church and is active in Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first sorority established by African-American college women. Littie is also a part of another proud group, the nearly 10-million women who own businesses.

Littie says being a woman, and a person of color, helps her SpeedPro franchise. “When you look different, some people want to know more about you, therefore bringing in more business.” Littie relies on the relationships built on years of networking to garner long-sustaining and revenue-generating business.

A recent relationship that has been built includes Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves. The team was looking for a large format printing firm as it moved into a new stadium and Littie Brown put a bid out. When Littie failed to hear the results, she reached out to the County Commissioner, someone she knew through previous networking. The commissioner put her in direct contact with the Braves’ president. A few calls later, she landed a contract with the baseball team.

“The proudest moment was when I was told the Braves chose me because they knew me, they knew the SpeedPro name, and that we delivered great work and service. This was said in front of a room full of business people, which resulted in additional jobs,” Littie says.

Of the many reasons why Littie loves Atlanta, she says she loves that it is the unofficial capital of the South and is a magnificent small business hub, particularly for women.

“Cobb County is a fast-growing county, people want to live here,” says Littie. “The quality of life is outstanding. The community is very supportive. It’s a great place to live, raise a family and have friends. Cobb County is a great place inside a fantastic Atlanta metro.”

That doesn’t mean the nearly five years as a business owner has always been smooth sailing. There have been some obstacles. “Managing financing and cash flow is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced,” Littie says. However, she’s always up for any challenge. “I’ve learned that I can do pretty much anything. If I can install a vinyl sign on a building, I can just about do anything. You don’t know what you can until you put your mind to it. If I must do it, I can figure it out.”

Littie has figured out what it takes to run a business effectively. However, she’s quick to share the credit with her co-owner.

“I wouldn’t be in the business without Karen,” says Littie. “She keeps the operation going. She’s an extremely quick learner. Karen has self-taught everything we need to know about printing. Having a business partner with the same values and same focus on success allows us to run a business efficiently. We have cultivated a family environment, which makes running the business fun. We can get mad at each other, have our disagreements, but at the end of the day, we come back and keep going.”

Littie’s business goal is to get to one million dollars in annual sales. Her ultimate goal is to get to the point where she can resume her love of travel and golfing. Littie knows she’s in a good position to accomplish those goals because of her ownership of a SpeedPro studio.

“SpeedPro is a B2B company on the cutting edge of all new trends in printing and graphics. Companies still need to market their products, so graphic solutions are not going anywhere. Whether its vehicle wraps or window graphics, SpeedPro does it better than all others.”

Littie and Karen are loving life as SpeedPro franchise owners. For more information on the SpeedPro franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a successful franchise owners, like Littie and Karen, please visit speedprofranchising.com.

SpeedPro imaging’s April 2017 franchisee in focus: Bruce Benson, Des Moines Iowa

May 1, 2017

Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Launches Monthly Franchisee Series with Bruce Benson’s Powerfully Inspirational Success Story Built by Patience and Perseverance

To know Bruce Benson is to know a man who is full of success. The Des Moines, Iowa businessman successfully raised two children with his loving wife and excelled in the corporate world in mechanical engineering and sales. Today, Bruce is thriving with SpeedProthe nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, as a wildly successful franchise owner. However, it hasn’t always been easy as his road to success was lined with a couple of pitfalls – both professional and personal.

The Iowa native’s quest for a better work-life balance introduced him to SpeedPro in 2006. Bruce spent 16 exhaustive years working as a mechanical engineer, tackling sales for an industrial distribution company. Days on the road conducting business consistently outnumbered the days he spent at home with his wife, Dru, son Mitch, and daughter Naomi. That’s when he made the decision to control his own future growth.

“A year before I left, I was reaching my breaking point,” says Bruce. “I knew I had to do something to keep my sanity. I developed a relationship with the owner of a small business brokerage, who helped convince me to check out SpeedPro. I haven’t looked back.”

But Bruce didn’t know what was waiting for him further along that path.

Consistent with the experience of first-time entrepreneurs, Bruce encountered a few hiccups when he opened his Des Moines-based SpeedPro franchise. Bruce recalls an important learning curve/teaching moment in his first few months with the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. “We were jumping through hoops, allowing ourselves to be on customers schedules. I would rush to help customers walking in the door, doing and finishing work myself and putting in 80 to 90 hours a week.”

Thankfully, that insane schedule leveled off when Bruce hired a business coach, teaching him that it’s OK to turn down some opportunities to retain focus on controlled growth. Bruce and his team have retained the aggression and relentlessness that immediately earned them a phenomenal reputation with clients, but they’re more judicious with the projects they take on as a group. “I never agree to due dates or projects that put myself or my team in jeopardy. We have always gone the extra mile for our clients because we understand the value of relationships, but the difference today is that we set expectations up front and educate clients on the type of projects that make sense for both parties. That’s why we focus on much larger projects, like vehicle wrapspoint of purchase graphicswall murals and project work, because it’s a win-win for SpeedPro and our clients.”

The innovative approach from the business coach has certainly paid dividends for Bruce. When he first hit $20,000 a month of sales, he remembers thinking he couldn’t imagine reaching the $40,000 or even $60,000 a month. Bruce now has the capacity to generate up to $750,000 in sales per month, with six employees. In fact, in 2016, he became the first owner to generate more than $700,000 in a single month as a franchise owner with the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

As he shared in his quote, like many SpeedPro franchise owners, Bruce has relied on specific verticals to help fuel rapid growth. Bruce also quickly discovered print brokers – a relationship with all different kind of print vendors – brings his crew several profitable projects.

It’s Bruce’s past experiences with upper management that helped mold how he treats his employees. He makes it a point to walk around and interact with his team every morning. Bruce feeds his staff every Friday. And once a quarter, he treats his crew to after-hours appetizers and drinks. Bruce says putting his people first has been the key to becoming one of the most successful franchisees with SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise.

“There are three primary reasons why I’ve been successful. First, I have hired very talented, high end people. Second, we produce a very high quality product at SpeedPro, customers are amazed because our product has a serious attention to detail and stands the test of time. And lastly, I love to entertain. From clients to staff, I love to reach out and treat people as a member of my family.”

Generosity, along with a health scare for wife Dru, rocked his world in 2008. Dru was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever resilient, Dru told her oncologist, “it’s a win-win. If cancer wins, God takes care of me. If cancer loses, Bruce takes care of me.” And that’s exactly what Bruce did. He was by her side, caring for his wife, night and day.

However, taking care of Dru meant less time to handle other matters at hand, most notably, managing his rental properties. At one point, he lost $26,000 as renters took advantage of his diverted attention. On top of that, his SpeedPro business was going great, making cash flow a challenge during the early ramp up of the SpeedPro business. “As a brand-new owner, I was paying bills before I was getting paid,” said Bruce. “The mental anguish on top of the healthcare expenses, it was overwhelming.”

Bruce recalls his “rock bottom” moment. It was a Sunday, when he was in his office. The landlord of the building noticed Bruce’s truck parked outside and came in. The landlord asked what was wrong, noticing Bruce wasn’t his normal self. Bruce laid it all on the table. Dru’s breast cancer treatment. The struggles with renters taking him to the cleaners. The landlord, just as generous as Bruce, told him to delay rent payments indefinitely. “Thankfully, I didn’t have to take him up on the offer,” said Bruce. “I never missed a payment. But the gesture, the fact that the landlord even made the offer, has stuck with me to this day.”

In a matter of time, with newfound optimism, Bruce was back on track with the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. Business is booming. And his wife, cancer free, is by his side, now working alongside Bruce at SpeedPro. Dru is also engaged in activities across their community designed to help and boost the morale of cancer patients and survivors. Dru taught her husband to live for tomorrow, but enjoy every day.

Dru also designed and commissioned a local jeweler to produce a unique ring as a reminder of everything she’s endured with Bruce by her side. The 4 pink stones on top represent her 4 chemotherapy treatments. The bigger pink trilliant cut with 3 points represents: diagnosis, treatment and healing. The stone is also bevel set meaning cancer is now contained and will not return. Lastly, all the other diamonds represent strength.

It’s her way of remembering all she and Bruce have endured, and Bruce is doing his part to spread the seeds of success for any current or future cancer fighter/survivor. “If any organization wants banners or point of purchase displays, and your cause is to fight cancer, consider it a donation.”

Bruce’s fantastic story is just one of many we’ll be sharing with you as the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. For more information on the SpeedPro franchise opportunity and what it takes to be a successful franchise owner, please visithttps://speedprofran.wpengine.com/.

2015 speedpro imaging rookies of the year

January 11, 2016

SpeedPro is a national leader in the signs and graphics industry and continues to experience large amounts of growth. During their first year of business, SpeedPro franchisees are eligible to be selected for the Rookie of the Year award. For 2015, co-owners of SpeedPro Northern Virginia won the award after bringing in the highest gross sales number—over $260,000 in revenue during their first year after opening. Owners Roman Blazauskas and Shawn Flaherty were excited to receive the award and attributed their success to SpeedPro’s exceptional support, the team’s hard work, and the beginning of strong community ties. SpeedPro Northern Virginia has already joined local chambers of commerce and become involved in local charities. With backgrounds in accounting and public relations, the Rookie of the Year award-winners were intrigued by the business opportunities SpeedPro provided.

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Third speedpro imaging studio opens in Houston

November 5, 2015

SpeedPro has 120 studios in 30 states nationwide. One-third of those studios have opened within just the last three years! The national leader in the signs and graphics industry continues to expand and has just recently opened its third studio in Sugar Land, just outside of Houston. This installment is part of a regional initiative that will eventually see five to six locations in the greater Houston area over the next few years. Houston is a booming business center. SpeedPro is expanding in Houston to meet the signs and graphics needs of businesses in the area. Visual marketing is a crucial part of any businesses’ marketing campaign. Kirby Ducayet, principal of SpeedPro Sugar Land, is dedicated to community involvement and has partnered with the Tourette Association of Texas in a charity project and has already completed between 30 and 40 projects, ranging from small business projects to projects with UPS.

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