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SpeedPro is Poised to Weather Economic Turbulence

September 27, 2022

Starting or operating a business is a big leap anytime, but especially in 2022. Aspiring business owners want to know that their investment opportunity is a financially stable business model that can weather any economic turbulence.

SpeedPro’s large-format printing franchise gives owners that opportunity. Because of our low-overhead model, great profit margins, diverse clientele, and growing industry, our business is prepared to help owners navigate times of economic uncertainty. Here are just a few ways SpeedPro franchise owners are set up for success.

Low overhead

In times of economic turbulence, small business owners know every penny counts. Thankfully, SpeedPro Studios can operate with exceptionally low overhead costs.

As an exclusively business-to-business franchise model, our Studios do not have retail storefront needs which saves on the cost of additional leased spaced typically needed for direct-to-consumer facing businesses. Employee workstations, printing equipment, and materials storage – even having a bay for vehicle and fleet wraps – can be achieved in surprisingly low square-footage.

Few employees

SpeedPro is a lean operation by nature. Most Studios run with a handful of additional employees. Because our Studios start and stay small, there’s less pressure on owners. Your monthly costs remain low because there are fewer salaries and benefits packages to pay out, but your business continues to run smoothly.

Studios range in overall square-footage and maximize all available space.

High profit margins

In some industries, the cost of running a business is high. If an owner has to invest heavily to buy product and it never sells, they might be out a substantial amount of money. The risk is even greater when those products’ profit margins are slim.

SpeedPro is proud to report industry-leading profit margins of around 68 percent, on average (per our 2022 FDD Item 19). Our cost to do business is low, but our high quality and exceptional service deliver great returns. This is combined with our network’s buying power. SpeedPro works with the best suppliers of materials, equipment, and supplies ensure franchisees have access to tremendous pricing to operate their businesses. This means greater savings and higher profits!

In-demand services

One fear of B2B businesses is that when the economy takes a turn for the worst, clients close up shop or tighten their budgets for external services. This is true in some cases, but not always. In the print and advertising industry, for example, companies tend to stick with their ad spend.

Advertisers and businesses that maintain or grow their marketing budgets often increase overall sales both during and after a recession. This is because business need to stay competitive when consumer spending drops. By tailoring their marketing messages, channels of distribution,and advertising heavily, they stay top-of-mind for customers.

Therefore, SpeedPro operates in an in-demand industry, regardless of economic performance. Our clients continue to need high-quality large-format print products to get in front of customers. Even more importantly, our products tend to be more affordable than other advertising options. Things like vehicle wraps cost as little as four cents per thousand impressions, which provide valuable ROI.

Customer diversity

The saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” rings true during economic turbulence. If businesses bank on the success of one particular client segment and that segment heads south, they could be in trouble.

SpeedPro combats this by serving an extremely wide range of client types and industries. This allows owners to pivot when some clients pull back. We can truly serve any business: from Fortune 500 companies to small independent businesses; from schools and universities to faith-based organizations; from local ad agencies to nationwide small-format print shops. Our products are applicable to almost everyone, meaning our owners have plentiful options for new clients.

Reduce your risk with SpeedPro

If you dream of opening your own business but are skeptical about the state of the economy, be strategic about your investment. Launching a SpeedPro Studio allows you to capitalize on a growing industry, operate a lean team and expand your reach across a variety of client types.

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SpeedPro Supports Small Businesses

September 16, 2022

Every year, more small business owners launch new ventures and take a chance on their dreams. As they grow, these companies need support in marketing and advertising—and what better partner than another small business? SpeedPro, a leading B2B large-format printing franchise, gives owners the opportunity to support small businesses in their local communities—and find their own success in the process.

Small businesses hold immense potential

The United States is a fantastic place to start a small business—and entrepreneurs know it! In 2021, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that there were 32.5 million small businesses in the country. This number is 2.5 percent higher than in 2020 and is consistent with a pattern of growth over the past five years. A further 17 million new small businesses were predicted to be formed in 2022. What all these numbers show is that more and more people are opening their own businesses each year.

Younger generations are largely responsible for this growth. Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to start a side business of their own. They’re also the ones championing the “Shop Small” movement. This demonstrates a positive outlook for small businesses across the country.

Of course, small businesses need help finding and retaining customers. Marketing and advertising is what helps them build a consumer base and grow year after year. The SBA advises that small businesses allocate 7–8% of their revenue toward marketing. This number will look different for every business, but the bottom line is that owners know they need to invest a substantial amount into advertising.

The majority of small businesses spend an average of $10,000 to $50,000 per year on marketing and advertising. B2C companies tend to spend more on marketing than B2B companies do, and businesses with younger owners often have larger marketing budgets.

This means that there are billions of dollars spent on marketing and advertising in the U.S. each year. What’s even more important is that many small business owners can’t handle these tasks themselves. They turn to external partners—like SpeedPro—to execute their marketing and advertising efforts.

taft theater window graphics - SpeedPro

Why small businesses need partners like SpeedPro

Small businesses need print partners. Printers are instrumental in helping companies generate growth for a number of reasons. First and foremost, most small businesses lack the equipment and know-how required to produce high-quality graphics and printed projects. If they need large signs, vehicle wraps or trade show collateral, they need to turn to an external vendor.

As a large-format printing franchise, SpeedPro is well-positioned to help small business owners launch and expand their businesses. Our product line is a perfect fit for small businesses interested in ramping up their advertising efforts on a limited budget. We provide Great. Big. Graphics. at an affordable price point, but we don’t sacrifice quality. Better yet, we serve as a true partner to businesses large and small. Our owners are adept at uncovering each business’s unique needs and tailoring projects to meet them.

A few products, in particular, serve the niche needs of small businesses. Vehicle wraps are a huge hit. Whether local businesses have a single company vehicle or a small fleet, vehicle wraps get their name out in front of new customers on a daily basis. Trade show displays are another popular choice. As small businesses start to expand their outreach, showing up to industry conferences and events with high-quality displays help them grab more attention. And, of course, small businesses of all kinds can use large exterior signage like window graphics and branded signs to attract passersby.

SpeedPro’s business model gives us breadth of reach for small businesses, too. We are able to work directly with independent small businesses to develop advertising products. But we are also able to partner with local ad/design agencies and event planners to serve as a vendor for their clients. These businesses need connections, and SpeedPro’s services help bolster their success!

Start your small business with SpeedPro

As a network of small businesses ourselves, SpeedPro understands the value that small businesses bring to the U.S. economy. The potential that small businesses hold in our industry is undeniable, and our franchise owners are poised to capitalize on it. By providing high-quality products and services, we help small businesses grow—and our businesses grow themselves!

If you’re interested in launching your very own large-format printing business, request more information about SpeedPro today.