print is alive and CONSTANTLY growing!

Large-format printing - also known as wide-format printing - is growing due to greater use by companies and marketers to influence employee and consumer behavior. Categories such as packaging, corporate branding, fleet vehicles, architecture and construction, and commercial interior design are just a few examples of business' embracing large-format print and its ability to move the proverbial "needle." SpeedPro franchise owners fill an important niche market between the small print companies (like letterhead and business cards) and the grand-format companies (like billboards). The U.S. wide-format market industry was estimated to be $25 billion in 2019, and while the pandemic was a challenge for every business, print has regained momentum. It is forecasted to grow to $30 billion by 2028.

The fastest-growing product trends include banners/soft signage, wall and window graphics, retail graphics and POP displays, and architectural and experiential graphics, while the fastest-growing newest products include fabric decor, wall coverings, and floor graphics. And, with the advent of more sustainable products and processes, more and more businesses are seeking GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. to tell their story, sell their products, and build their brands.

What does all this mean for SpeedPro franchisees? Simply put, unlimited opportunity for large-format printing companies today and in the future!

SpeedPro franchisees have access to a continually evolving and recession-resistant business. Only uninformed people repeat the myth, "Print is dead." On the contrary, print is very much alive!