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Wide-Format Printing and the Real Estate Industry

March 14, 2023

Spring is known for being the hottest season in real estate. During this time of year, buyers and sellers are hyper-focused on the market, and construction begins on new properties. In order to capitalize on this busy season, real estate professionals need partners in the large-format printing industry like SpeedPro.

There are tons of print and graphic opportunities to be found in the real estate industry. SpeedPro Studios often find themselves handling orders that support realtors, construction teams and property managers. As you grow your SpeedPro business, real estate could be a lucrative sector!

Enjoy diverse revenue streams

Real estate and its related industries are extremely valuable to businesses like SpeedPro because they offer a wide range of revenue streams. There are many different types of real estate professionals, each with their own unique needs and sales cycles. This means SpeedPro Studios can diversify their income through different product and customer types.

Consider some of the most common large-format printing applications across real estate sectors.

  • Home realtors: Real estate agents and realtors rely on large-format printing to attract buyers to their for-sale properties. Print marketing is still extremely valuable in the homebuying market, but signage needs to be large and high-quality in order to get noticed. Realtors often turn to SpeedPro for yard signs, open house signs, directional signage, banners and flags. They may even need large-format graphics to advertise their real estate agencies, including window graphics, office signage and trade show displays.
  • Architects: Architects and engineers are critical in the real estate development process. These companies, too, need wide-format printing to conduct their businesses. Blueprints often need to be printed on a large scale to ensure accuracy and clarity of the property’s details. If a property needs to go through a public hearing process, architects will often commission large-scale construction renderings and plans to present. These large-format products need to be durable and printed with precision.
  • Construction companies: Once a real estate property is underway, the company in charge of construction will need large-format signage. Construction crews often purchase banners and custom barricade signs to inform the public about what they’re building behind the gates. Large signage may also be needed to convey safety information. Additionally, construction crews are more likely to rely on vehicle wraps to quickly identify and advertise their fleet vehicles.
  • Developers and property managers: Developers and property managers will also require large-format graphics to both advertise and decorate their real estate properties. Banners, window graphics and other exterior signage help them announce upcoming properties and leasing opportunities in the neighborhood. For offices or multifamily apartments, owners and managers might need directional signage, elevator wraps, indoor and outdoor signage and floor graphicsto enhance the resident or tenant experience.

There are so many options when it comes to large-format signage and graphics for real estate. Whether it’s a one-person real estate agency or a national construction company, SpeedPro helps these clients communicate effectively through Great. Big. Graphics.

Real estate is ongoing

The other main benefit of producing real estate signage is the industry isn’t going anywhere. Even though the housing and leasing markets fluctuate, there are always people looking to buy and sell homes, lease offices and design and construct new buildings.

Even better, the cycles for these industry sectors are typically staggered. Even if the housing market is slow, engineers and construction crews might be breaking ground on a new office complex that will deliver in a few years. Because of the range of organizations in real estate, there are ample opportunities out there.

Serve your real estate market with SpeedPro

If you’re an eager entrepreneur who’s interested in launching a business with diverse customer verticals and high profit margins, consider investing in SpeedPro. Our large-format printing franchise serves the real estate industry and beyond with signage, window graphics, vehicle wraps and much more. Learn more about our franchise system and reach out to get started!

SpeedPro’s Local Approach Produces Better Results

March 1, 2023

When an organization needs large-format graphics, they have a lot of options to choose from. Internet print companies and major corporations may be some of the largest vendors, but a national footprint doesn’t always equate to better service. What makes a locally focused business like SpeedPro stand out is our exceptional service and quality. We prioritize partnerships in each Studio’s region first and foremost, which helps us offer an extra level of attention that clients just can’t find anywhere else.

Take a closer look at how SpeedPro’s local approach produces great results for our partners and franchisees.

Strong client partnerships

Every SpeedPro Studio starts off by selling products to businesses in their immediate territory. Owners forge connections with these organizations by working with the local Chamber of Commerce, business networking groups and small-format printers or marketing agencies.

What this does is allow our Studio owners to build stronger partnerships with their clients. Owners and clients have common ground by operating in the same region. They can connect more easily through in-person meetings and may even be a part of the same business groups, allowing for routine interaction.

Building these kinds of relationships can produce many benefits, including greater trust and loyalty in your SpeedPro Studio. When they feel understood and appreciated, clients are more likely to become repeat customers and may even recommend your business to others.

End-to-end service

SpeedPro’s local approach also allows us to offer more comprehensive and superior service than our competitors. Our Studios don’t merely accept graphics files and churn out a large-format product. Instead, we work with our clients to find solutions to their advertising problems, then execute those solutions from start to finish.

Being geographically close to our customers allows our Studio owners and staff to ideate, produce and install large-format print products. We dedicate time to collaborating with clients initially to find products that meet their unique needs and work through the small details. Once the product is made, we don’t just ship it off. Our professionals can provide expert installation for wall murals, vehicle wraps, window graphics and more.

Good work-life balance

This kind of local approach benefits Studio owners, too. Many people pursue franchise ownership to achieve greater work-life balance. However, that’s not always guaranteed, depending on the system. At SpeedPro, we’re proud of how our operation helps owners maintain good boundaries between work and home, leaving ample room for personal and family time.

SpeedPro is strictly a B2B business, and we operate non-retail hours. This means owners already have nights and weekends off. But by focusing our sales on the immediate region of each business, we also minimize travel. Studio owners won’t need to be away for days to handle sales visits. Client meetings and installations are just a short drive away, so you’ll be back in time for school pickup!

Support the local economy

Many small business owners take immense pride in contributing to the local economy through their operation. As a SpeedPro Studio owner, you not only support the local economy through your business—you also support other small businesses, too!

Small businesses rely on marketing and advertising through large-format graphics and print products to grow. Without a local partner like SpeedPro, they might not get enough attention to keep the doors open and employ members of the community. By focusing your sales efforts in your Studio’s immediate region, you’ll circulate more dollars locally and help your community thrive.

Take pride in your work

SpeedPro’s local sales also help Studio owners take more pride in their work. It’s one thing to produce products and receive positive reviews from happy customers. It’s entirely another to actually see those products in your local community!

Because of the breadth of client verticals available, SpeedPro owners might get to see their Studio’s work in action everywhere they go. They might encounter their products at their child’s school, in the local shopping center or outside their favorite museum. Being able to see the results first-hand creates lots of pride and purpose in your profession.

Become your community’s local print provider

Although SpeedPro’s large-format printing business can be scaled to a national footprint, there’s no question that a local approach is a great choice for our Studio owners. If you’re eager to make a difference in your community and build a thriving business, consider investing in your very own SpeedPro location. Contact our franchising team today to learn more.