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Culture is Key in SpeedPro Operations

September 9, 2021

One ingredient that’s often overlooked in the recipe for a successful business is culture. The company culture you, your employees and even your customers share is something special. Culture defines who you are as a business, guides your future growth and keeps your team working as a tight-knit unit.

At SpeedPro, culture is key to our operations. We aim to foster a supportive, motivational and collaborative culture that uplifts every member of our brand—from our topmost executives to our studio owners to your field consultants and staff.

The SpeedPro Culture

SpeedPro’s culture revolves around a few core values. We look for franchise owners who share these core values and will work to imbue them in every aspect of their business.


Collaboration is a core tenet of the SpeedPro business model. An atmosphere of partnership and camaraderie can be found in almost every facet of the business. From day one, new and existing franchise owners collaborate to get the newest studios up and running successfully. This collaboration between owners often continues well into the future, with franchisees sharing tips, tricks and lessons learned to make fellow studios more successful. On a smaller level, collaboration between your studio’s staff is key to operating the business efficiently and building a strong sense of teamwork. We want our business to feel like a family, and that only happens when we all work together. With that culture established in your studio, you’re able to extend that collaboration to your customers while working on new projects and building lasting relationships. In turn, this helps your business grow.

John Barber, franchisee in Norcross (GA), says franchise peers are strong with SpeedPro. He also says his employees act like owners and he treats them like partners. Now that’s a great culture!

Client Focus

The SpeedPro team prides ourselves on our never-ending dedication to our customers. Our studios don’t merely sell a product. We design, print and install top-quality projects with clients using a partnership-oriented mindset. We work with clients to understand their needs and pain points and find solutions for them, and we always aim to exceed expectations with every job. This focus on client satisfaction runs from the top down throughout our organization. This makes it clear to clients that SpeedPro operates for their benefit.


SpeedPro is as successful as it is today is because of large-format printing innovation. Therefore, an innovative spirit is a key piece of our company culture. We want all our owners and team members to share our passion for staying on the cutting edge of the wide-format printing industry. Our team is adaptable and engaged in the industry, always looking to the next “big thing.” Owners benefit from this focus by receiving the latest industry knowledge, trends and equipment to both attract and retain clients. And, our clients benefit by working with a knowledgeable  printing partner who is capable of delivering the highest quality and most innovative products on the market.

SpeedPro Helps Clients’ Culture, Too

Culture is not only key for SpeedPro’s day-to-day operations, but also our clients’. Our product line actually helps clients engage with their own internal cultures, in addition to reaping the benefits of ours.

Things like wall graphics, murals and signage with positive messaging, value statements and quotes contribute to a stronger company culture for our clients. In this way, SpeedPro can help clients tap into their core values and design an engaging graphic to make their workplace more interesting and unified. We want our customers to understand that we care about our company culture, but we care about theirs, too.

Tap into the Power of Culture

SpeedPro’s company culture is one of teamwork, great customer service and adaptability. Our franchisees know that these core values permeate every move we make as a business, and that affects their customer relationships, too. If you long to be part of a franchise system that values culture just as much as sales, SpeedPro might be the perfect opportunity for you. Fill out our contact form to get started today.

How to Form Meaningful Partnerships

August 26, 2021

Because SpeedPro is a B2B business, maintaining meaningful partnerships with clients is key to our success. Our most successful owners turn every interaction into an opportunity, whether they’re at a networking event or collaborating on a project in the studio.

Here are our top three tips to give your business an edge when it comes to forming meaningful partnerships, with local businesses.

1. Networking

Local businesses from small, family-run operations to Fortune 500 companies are potential clients for SpeedPro studios. Since many of these clients need multiple projects over time, our owners are able to develop consistent, repeat business.

Networking is one of the best ways to build a stable yet diverse pool of clients when operating a B2B business. While some people are naturally great at networking, even introverts need to give it a shot. All it really takes is getting out and doing it.

Some ideas of where to start networking locally include:

Local Chamber of Commerce

Becoming a member of the area Chamber of Commerce is a must-do! But, don’t just join – be an active participant. Chamber meetings and events are a great way to get an introduction to local business owners in your community and showcase your studio’s offerings.

For example, SpeedPro is a member of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This organization focuses on supporting growth and new business development for small businesses and even franchisees operated by Hispanic owners.

Noncompetitive Businesses

Team up with local business owners to host special events or mixers. You could also collaborate on presentations at networking events if you serve complementary industries. (Hint: you might met someone at the Chamber who wants to do this with you)

Churches and Non-Profits

If you’re a member of a church or any local non-profit organizations, make it a point to attend social events. You never know where or when you can meet a connection that can bring long-term business to you!

Pat and Charmane, established owners in Florida, know exactly how to develop partnerships that benefit their business and the partner business too.

2. Online presence

An up-to-date social media page gives any business in any industry more credibility. It also allows you to talk directly to your clients, many of whom are local business owners just like you. You can leverage the power of social media to ask for a sale upfront, but it’s often more effective to develop relationships over time.

Use your social media page to communicate the values and company culture you espouse. SpeedPro owners know the value of engaging with their audience with regular posts and always responding to comments and messages. You never know what a direct message could lead to! Nurturing relationships, even over the internet, helps you build a loyal community that directly contributes to ongoing sales over time.

3. Maintain a collaborative spirit

Our most successful SpeedPro owners bring a collaborative spirit to every client relationship. We work hard to create effective printed materials by developing a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, gaining knowledge of the goals of every printed project and being responsive to any questions they may have. We believe in open communication and collaboration. It’s the best way to make clients a part of the printing process every step of the way, contributing to ongoing customer loyalty.

The success of any business relies on long-term client relationships. Using each sale to build a relationship and encourage repeat business is crucial for your business’s bottom line. Strong partnerships allow your franchise to scale, giving you the opportunity to reach even more clients and giving your business a greater impact in a timeframe that’s comfortable for you. From mom-and-pop businesses to corporations and non-profit organizations, take time to build a partnership with every customer and enjoy the stability of reliable, repeat business.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of operating a SpeedPro studio? Visit our website and get started today.


April 28, 2021

No matter who you are, what your background is, and what you believe in, you deserve to be heard and included.

April is “Celebrate Diversity Month,” and at SpeedPro, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the differences in each of us. We appreciate and value people from all walks of life, whether it be a difference in identity, ethnicity or perspective.

During Celebrate Diversity Month, we’re sharing what our Home Office team members think about the value of this month, as well as our efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion, while different, can be beautifully intertwined. While we all bring different backgrounds to the table, accomplishing goals and breaking new boundaries is what we strive to do every day at SpeedPro.

“To me, inclusion is recognizing individuals for who they are and what they can accomplish, independently of demographics,” says Danielle Yuthas, Vice President of Marketing.

Not to mention, inclusion can also be lending a helping hand or just listening to understand where others are coming from.

In September of 2020, the SpeedPro Home Office team met with a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant to redevelop and champion new equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our main goal was to develop a new strategy that appreciates and practices inclusion, while also diversifying our messaging and recruiting efforts. We first began to dive into these topics by defining what our scope was and how inclusive leadership can be brought into these efforts.

SpeedPro prides itself on being transparent and conducive to open communication. With 97% of workers believing that communication impacts the workspace every day, our team makes sure that we foster an open, communicative environment for all team members.

“All employees are encouraged to actively participate and communicate their opinions, ideas and feelings,” says Vice President and Controller Lori Morris. “We foster an open-door policy where anyone can communicate with anyone else in the organization, not just their department or supervisor.  This promotes a collaborative environment for the entire team.”

After working with our Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, the team brainstormed initiatives on how we can be more inclusive and welcoming of diversity. The development of our mission, vision and values transformed the SpeedPro Home Office thought process when it came to opportunity. With the updated diversity and inclusion strategy, the Home Office actively celebrates and encourages the 120+ franchises to embrace diverse holidays, such as Black History MonthWomen’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Autism Awareness Month.

Reflection and celebration are just two aspects of the new SpeedPro Diversity and Inclusion policy. We will continue to listen and share these stories in our various storytelling vehicles like the SpeedPro blog, our social channels and even local & nationwide media outlets.

The team is also placing emphasis on welcoming diverse thoughts, backgrounds and experiences to the SpeedPro family. We are partnering with diverse organizations like the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo,  Mile High Young Professionals and the National Black Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness of SpeedPro and expand opportunities to those interested in minority-owned business. We are also very excited to be a part of the International Sign Association. This will increase opportunities to various talent in the printing industry.

While our organization strives to be inclusive and appreciate diversity during the workday, our team members practice inclusive acts and are a part of different communities outside of the office. Some members attend multicultural festivals, travel & explore different cultures and are active in diverse organizations.

“Last year I completed a 2-year stint on the Board of Directors for a national blindness charity based in Denver called B.I.T., Blind Institute of Technology, where we train and educate the business community on how a diverse workforce, in this case, the blind community, is a huge net positive, and help the visually impaired find employment, largely in the IT space,” said Zack Meade. “I look forward to volunteering my time in various forms again once the pandemic is over.”

After taking time to reflect on our new initiatives at the Home Office, our team offers some advice on acceptance and inclusivity.

“Active listening with an open mind is a great first step to being inclusive,” says Josh Buras, Marketing Manager.

The SpeedPro Home Office values diversity in thought, experiences, talent and backgrounds.  We are excited to make more progress on our diversity and inclusion strategy and are looking forward to spreading the celebration of inclusivity and diversity.

We’ve taken the first of many steps to become a more diverse and accepting company. A trend we can only hope will continue to ripple throughout Corporate America until we can all say that everyone is welcome and are valued members of the corporate world.

The Impact of Positivity in Business

April 21, 2021

Believe it or not, the visual graphics in your office or retail space can have a significant impact on the mood and culture of your organization. And we’re not just talking about giving everyone the warm and fuzzies. Setting a positive tone throughout your environment can have a direct correlation to improving your bottom line. Large-format graphics such as wall murals can do just that!

It’s common sense that happiness is a critical component to the well-being and success of a team, but being happy isn’t only good for company morale. A study by Oxford University’s Business School found that workers are 13% more productive when happy, and a Gallup poll of 25 million American workers concluded that unhappy workers cost up to $550 billion in lost productivity, annually. Now, it may be difficult to provide unbridled joy at every turn to your colleagues and employees, but by fostering a welcoming, captivating work setting, you can create the conditions in which people can experience greater happiness.

In a survey by Management Today Magazine, “97% of respondents said they regard their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer,” and a study by Steelcase/IPSOS showed that “only 11% of workers are highly satisfied with their work environment.” Show your employees that you value their happiness and experience at work enough to put some liveliness into the space where they spend almost a third of their lives making you money.

According to a workplace design study by Longwoods.com, “people whose office views were more attractive, regardless of content, reported reduced discomfort at work and better sleep quality at home.” Someone who works a 9 to 5 in a cold, drab concrete box every day is going to have a vastly different opinion of their job versus an individual who is surrounded by huge colorful graphics, inspirational visuals and positive messaging. Also, nearly half of people said their workplace design and decor had no personality. When was the last time that an environment with no personality or vibrancy made you think “Gee, is this place motivating or what?!”

This entire conversation is especially relevant in today’s remote environment. It’s going to be a hard transition for some to leave the comforts of home, which means you have to put even more thought and effort into developing a space that feels just as welcoming as your family room. Enticing employees back to the office is going to be a real concern in the coming months as the pandemic hopefully subsides.

On the retail front, these large-format affirmational graphics are immensely powerful sales tools. They create a welcoming setting where people will want to stay, and the longer they stay the more inclined they are to purchase something. What about a reception area? Do you want to give off the impression of a sterile dentist’s office or a spot that people look forward to spending time in? The “Instagrammable moment” is very important when someone has the choice of ordering on Amazon or spending their precious time physically going to a storefront.

The installation of wall graphics with positive messaging is the culmination of your company’s culture, creating an atmosphere which affects the emotions and mental wellbeing of your most valuable asset — your people. By creating a multifaceted environment with inviting, inspiring visuals and messaging, you too can foster an area in which people are excited to visit everyday.


SpeedPro franchisees specialize in helping businesses put their best foot forward, whether that’s a wall mural, signage or banners, vehicle wraps or any type of large-format graphic. Positivity is just one important piece of daily operations within our Studios and with our clients. To learn more about becoming a SpeedPro franchisee, fill out a form on our website to be connected with our Development Team. We’re positive you’ll like what you hear!


April 6, 2021

Business owners and event planners use wall murals to increase the appeal of their stores, offices or event locations. Custom wall murals carry several long-lasting benefits that you can harness for many years. Those who want to upgrade their business environment and improve their brand awareness via social media need to know all about what wall murals can do for them.

Find out more about the many advantages of using wall murals and how you can increase their long-term value.


There are several long-lasting advantages of using wall murals, as they can build your brand awareness and make environments more attractive. Since wall murals can last a long time, they can provide you with immense value for many years. To help you decide if wall murals are a worthwhile investment, check out the top three benefits of wall murals:


While an event is temporary, the impression you make on your attendees lasts forever. If you’re hosting a fundraiser or premiering a new service or product, you want people to trust you and have a great time. Wall murals help you accomplish both of these goals by serving as excellent decorations to upgrade the event’s ambiance and make your event more professional in appearance.

Wall murals at events are also the perfect backdrop for pictures. By setting murals up near an event’s locations, you can create a red carpet opportunity for attendees, letting them get their picture taken by a professional photographer before entering the building. When you use wall murals for decorations and photo opportunities, you’re sure to make a great impression on guests.


Whether you’re hosting an event or trying to attract more customers to your store, wall murals can be an excellent option for building your brand on social media. Many companies use them to encourage customers or event attendees to take pictures inside or outside their store and share them with a special branded hashtag. People love showing off where they are or what they’re doing, and a beautiful backdrop gives them a perfect photo opportunity they can share on social media.

Wall murals and advertising go hand-in-hand. You can outfit an attractive backdrop with your company’s logo, name, contact information and branded imagery. When someone takes a picture in front of the backdrop and uploads it to social media, their followers will see your backdrop and company information. These customer pictures can help your brand grow and make more people familiar with your company. As a result, you can see an increase in customer traffic without putting any money into a marketing campaign.


Custom wall murals for businesses can help improve the appearance of an office or store for a long time. They can display images and graphics that complement the look of your building. When you want to transform a boring, plain wall in your office or store, a wall mural is a perfect choice. Many companies love to use murals to display on-brand colors, showcase inspiring imagery or tell a story about their product or business.

By making your walls more attractive, you create an environment where customers, clients and employees will want to be. These attractive graphics can entice customers to purchase a product or make an excellent first impression on new clients. In an office space, the visual appeal of wall murals can help keep your employees’ moods higher throughout the day.


Another great advantage of wall murals is their ability to last a long time when cared for properly. When you take care of your wall murals, you preserve their stunning colors, crisp text and enticing imagery. By keeping your wall mural’s looking their best, you can harness other essential benefits, like their ability to increase social media appeal or improve a building’s appearance, for many years to come.

If your wall mural is laminated, you can use this cleaning routine every few months to maintain your mural’s lifetime value and maintain its pristine condition:

  • Use the right soap: Before you clean your wall mural, ensure you use the right soap. All you need is a mixture of mild soap and water. Once you’ve prepared your mix, you’ll dampen your cloth or sponge with it. Note that you shouldn’t use any harsher chemicals for cleanings, like petroleum- or bleach-based products. Additionally, never use a scouring or scrubbing pad on your mural.
  • Wipe off the mural correctly: With the cloth or sponge dampened with the appropriate soap, you can start gently wiping the mural at the mural’s top edges. As you progress down the mural, use smooth, even and smooth cleaning strokes to remove any contaminants from the surface. Also, ensure you don’t allow any water or soap to get into the panel seams since this could cause peeling or fading.
  • Dry the mural: Once you’re done wiping the mural’s surface, dry it with a clean sponge or cloth. Make sure you don’t leave any water on the surface, as it could cause fading or do greater damage to the murals.

Keep in mind that any unlaminated wall murals shouldn’t have any direct contact with water.

Dust and debris can also form on your mural. To remove these materials, you won’t need to clean the whole wall mural. Every couple of months, you’ll simply need to wipe the mural with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove them. Stay on a two-month schedule to ensure contaminants don’t stay on your wall mural for a long time.

If you have stains on your wall murals, you can use most of the cleaning methods described previously. For more stubborn stains, try a citrus-based cleaner in place of the soap and water mixture. Use firm and even strokes on the area of the stain. After removing the stain, use a different sponge or cloth to clean the area with water and soap. Finally, dry the wall mural.


It’s easy to see Wall Murals are a tremendous opportunity to serve clients with Great. Big. Graphics. SpeedPro owners excel at providing gorgeous, long-lasting murals that make a statement, promote an event, and add impact to any space. If the idea of helping customers with Wall Murals and other large-format printing needs appeals to you, fill out the form on our website today to be connected with our Franchise Development team to learn more about becoming a SpeedPro owner in your community.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

April 1, 2021

It takes a village of hardworking people to make the SpeedPro dream a reality. But behind that dream, you can find strong, courageous, curious, adventurous, intelligent, creative women. Women’s History Month, or shall we say, Women’s “Herstory” Month is a time to celebrate the incredible accomplishments and contributions of women.

Beginning in 1987, Women’s History Month allows us to reflect, acknowledge and thank women for their trailblazing efforts in culture, STEM, politics, legal, medical, aviation, the arts, business and other industries and opportunities that led to change.

Today, around 40% of U.S. businesses are woman-owned, and at SpeedPro we proudly beat the national average. Our 125+ studios each have a different story, and we’re excited to celebrate the amazing women who make up the SpeedPro family. Learn more about our leadership team and some of our women owners here.

10 Top Trends in 20121 Branding

March 24, 2021

2021 is the year of business rebound. The pent-up demand and lower competition offer the opportunity to gain a bigger slice of the smaller pie. It’s critical for brands to evolve with the change – and that’s where SpeedPro franchisees can assist businesses in their areas as they seek to evolve and grow!

Brands can transform their business with these emerging trends:


Brands with visually appealing, unique design features are 10x more likely to be promoted on social media.

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube – every social media channel saw engagement and time spent on the platform swell in 2020 and the user habits will carry into 2021 and forward. Influencers and those promoting your brand by word of mouth over social media are the most cost-effective way to create buzz.


Spaces where we all work, live, shop and play impact our mental state. Everyone can use a boost of positivity.

Bright, open and welcoming retail and workspaces signal a return to the new normal that inspires everyone who comes through the door to keep moving forward and gives us hope for the future of our work, play and shopping habits.


Deliver information and advertising through the user’s phone. No app required.

Everyone is anxious to get back to favorite activities and be around more people but still without touching anything. Consumers are accustomed to getting information through our phones and refuse to go back to static. Near field communication tags trigger the website, text message, phone call, etc. on phones through proximity of holding the phone to the sign or wall mural without the need for a third-party app or to open the camera on the phone.*


Make your brand stand out. Literally.

With all of the constant distractions and push notifications, it takes something substantial like a Great. Big. Graphic. or three-dimensional sign to capture fleeting attention spans.


Window films create a new look for ordinary glass.

Whether the glass is for the safety of social distancing or it’s just that corner office window, a decorative or printed film can be applied to the glass to transform the look of your space in a very short and simple process. Think mini facelift.


Put a new twist on traditional out of home advertising. Wrap any surface.

Out of Home Advertising (OOH) has picked up steam in the era of social distancing because all signage, graphics and visual communication needed to be bigger, seen from farther away and to convey more information. Rethink the traditional OOH and create your own by wrapping practically anything including solar panels, walls, buildings, vehicles, vending machines and more with branded vinyl to gain visibility.


Match every brand touch point, anywhere in the country, to your exact brand color.

Getting your exact brand color right every time is important at every touchpoint for every brand and especially for those scattered far and wide, hitting the same color consistently can turn into a headache, but not with SpeedPro’s color-printing precision.


Floor decalscut acrylic and signage can be designed into brand assets.

We are way past the early days of “stay-6-feet-apart” tape on the floor. If you have permanent visual cues to communicate, they should be integrated into your space in an aesthetically pleasing and on-brand fashion.


Highlight how your give back.

Social responsibility is top-of-mind for many companies as everyone is in the spirit of getting through the rough patches together. When you have a feel-good cause you can rally behind, you should show it.


Prominently display hand-drawn elements, brand vision and what makes your brand unique.

Authenticity is the buzzword of the century. Consumers are tired of fake, tired of cheap– even feeling the fatigue of “luxury.” Individuals are committed to shopping locally and supporting independent business and demand to know who he or she is working with and the value for each dollar. When you take a graphic or brand component that is uniquely you and make it into a wall mural, it is a signal your true colors are showing and consumers appreciate that.

Are you interested in helping businesses grow and impact positive financial growth in your community? SpeedPro ownership could be the perfect opportunity for you. Fill out the Contact Form on our website to have a member of our Franchise Development Team contact you immediately.

Tips for Matching Coronavirus Signage to Your Brand

March 2, 2021

For the better part of a year, offices, restaurants, stores and other public places have had to install signs to help employees and customers understand critical policies and remember health guidelines. In the beginning, many businesses had to resort to makeshift or generic signs. At this point, if your business is still relying on these purely functional signs, it’s time to upgrade. Social distancing signage and other forms of coronavirus signage don’t have to be completely run-of-the-mill.

By creating custom coronavirus signs that incorporate your branding, you can communicate the same important messages in a way that also improves your brand recognition and strengthens your company’s relationship with your employees or customers. Plus, these signs will look more polished and professional than other options. You can even better engage people who are used to seeing the same monotonous signs everywhere they go. SpeedPro can help you make coronavirus signs that are unmistakably you. Let’s look at some tips for designing these branded signs.


Colors are an important part of your brand guidelines. Research shows that color is a key part of how people perceive and recognize your brand, so you should look for opportunities to include your signature colors in all your signage and marketing materials, including your coronavirus signs. At SpeedPro, we pride ourselves on our level of color-matching precision. We can ensure your signs match your existing brand materials so people quickly recognize that your signs are customized and in line with your brand.

Some ways to incorporate your colors are in a sign’s background, text or images. Avoid including too many colors that may make a sign appear too busy, and make sure your text and important icons contrast with the background color. You can even include branded colors in subtle ways, like in a border around the edge of an otherwise black and white sign.


The text on your signs should be easily readable. This means you want to choose a simple enough font and make the text large enough that people can read it at a glance from the appropriate distance. Overly decorative or flowery fonts can be difficult to read, making them poor choices for these signs. Beyond this basic requirement, you should also consider using a font you’ve used in other signs or materials so your coronavirus signs are in-line with your other branded materials.

If you have a signature font you want to use that is more calligraphic and may not be quite as easy to read as a more standard font, you can still consider using this font for part of the text. For example, a face mask sign could include a header in a branded font saying, “Mask up,” along with a more detailed message below in a more readable font, such as, “Face masks are required inside.”


Branding isn’t all visual. Your brand’s voice, for example, is immaterial, but it’s a crucial part of your company’s personality. Brand voice is your organization’s unique style of communication. Generic coronavirus signage will include direct messages with no personal flair. When you create custom COVID-19 signs, you have the valuable opportunity to share more specific messages that better match your brand’s unique voice.

For instance, if your brand voice is especially upbeat and on the fun side, you could incorporate this spirit into your message. Or maybe it would be more in line with your brand to use a calm and reassuring tone. Consider what your brand voice sounds like in other signs and forms of communication and create messages for your coronavirus signs that reflect this voice. This will help you present a consistent brand image across the board and develop strong relationships with your customers.


Your logo is likely the most recognizable part of your brand. Most companies put a great deal of thought into creating the perfect logo that embodies their brand. You include your logo on other signs and displays, so why not include it on your coronavirus signage, as well? As we’ve seen, you can incorporate several other aspects of your brand into your design, but your logo is one of the most decided ways of adding your branding to these signs.

You can incorporate your logo in many ways without detracting from a sign’s message. Consider including it as a small image at the top or bottom of your sign, almost like a seal. Or turn your logo into a silhouette and include it in the background as a washed-out image or watermark. You can also get creative with your logo by adding a face mask to a mascot’s face or otherwise modifying the logo to fit the health and safety theme.


Your logo isn’t the only image you can include in your COVID-19 signs. You can also add other images that align with your brand. For example, a bakery could add a graphic of a cupcake. A zoo could add a different animal to each of the social distancing signs posted throughout the premises. You may even be able to find clever ways to feature certain products on your coronavirus signs.

You can also use simple icons or pictures to help communicate your message, using brand colors or other details. These icons can catch people’s eyes so they pay attention to what the sign has to say. They can also help different language speakers understand the sign’s message. For example, showing a face mask will quickly communicate to people that the sign has to do with a mask recommendation or requirement. Two figures with an arrow and the words “6 feet” between them will quickly remind people of social distancing recommendations.


SpeedPro franchise owners have been on the frontlines since the onset of the pandemic providing COVID signage and other needs to meet mandates and help businesses stay open or remain open. Do you thrive on being a solutions provider? Would you like to be a go-to business resource in your community? SpeedPro franchise ownership could be the perfect opportunity for you! Complete a contact form on our website to be connected with our Franchise Development team today.

President’s Perspective: Larry Oberly

January 22, 2021

Larry Oberly, President of SpeedPro, is no stranger to the franchising industry. In fact, since the early 90s, Larry says the franchising model has had a piece of his heart and he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and franchising is especially tailored to entrepreneurs; people who want to get in there and work at it, but who want that safety net as well. Some are attracted to managerial models, but entrepreneurial models – like SpeedPro – really appeal to me,” said Oberly.

When you combine its entrepreneurial focus and the opportunity to become a problem-solver for your clients, SpeedPro presents a unique business model. No two projects are the same, keeping it interesting, shares Oberly.

“We are in the business of creating Great. Big. Graphics. for our customers. Whether they need permanent signage, floor graphics, wall murals, vehicle graphics, or a tradeshow banner or display, we’re equipped to take their vision to the next level. Consulting with them and understanding their desired end result is how we excel with every client interaction.”

How did COVID impact the brand?

Despite the challenges presented by COVID in 2020, SpeedPro continued to seek self-improvement and additional efficiencies. At the Home Office, the Denver-based team spent hours in training personally, as well as executing deep-dive training with franchisees across the country. No stone was left unturned – from marketing to equipment to business development – every resource was examined as a collaborative effort that impacts the entire network.

SpeedPro Home Office keeping connected in a socially-distanced world.

“Prior to COVID, our sales grew 18 percent to over $74 million (2018-2019). Then, when COVID hit, we quickly adapted to provide services and technologies that supported a greater than anticipated fourth quarter for us,” said Oberly.

Nearly every consumer-based business needed signage to comply with local, state and federal guidelines and recommendations for reopening and continued health and safety measures.

“We helped hundreds of businesses with signage related to masks, barriers, hand-washing and social distancing. I’m really proud of the way our owners stepped up and helped other small businesses, large and small, many of whom were new clients, obtain the signage they needed. We architected an online ordering system to make it simple to order from the local studio.”

SpeedPro Norcross owner, John Barber (far right), helped lead community recognition for first responders with Heroes Work Here signage.

“Then, we created InfoLnkX, our branded smart signage, around the need for touchless environments that can help our clients improve their marketing to their individual customers while keeping them as safe as possible,” said Oberly. “So many of owners found many ways to serve in 2020 and, as result, also had their best sales year to date. It was really a great example of ‘making lemonade out of lemons,’” Oberly shared.

What’s on the horizon for 2021?

“As an organization, we’re more nimble, more driven, and I believe SpeedPro is truly set-up to grow aggressively as we come out of the pandemic. Further we have committed ourselves to being more inclusive and diverse. At the Home Office, we’ve made important strides in this area. SpeedPro is committed to making our franchise offer more attractive to more people.”

Why SpeedPro?

For people considering investing in a B2B franchise this year, SpeedPro franchise ownership should be at the top of the list.

“SpeedPro balances entrepreneurship and independence with a proven model and network of benefits and services that would cost so much more if one was to do this independently.”

Work/life balance is super important as is peer network support, two areas incredibly important to SpeedPro.

“Our owners want quality of life while making a great living and enjoying their businesses. The bond they have formed with one another – whether that is through social or professional opportunities – creates such a healthy, non-competitive, incredibly fulfilling family.”

Multi-unit ownership, while certainly available, is not a pre-requisite to being successful. In fact, SpeedPro is highly-targeted to actually maximize profits in the same space footprint by adding equipment and services without adding additional overhead.

“We’re launching several exciting growth initiatives like fabric applications, packaging and labels, and we see nothing but upside in these areas. I can’t wait to see where 2021 takes us!”

6 Behaviors SpeedPro Owners Focus on to Grow their Wide-Format Printing Businesses

January 7, 2020

For any franchisee, there are a limited number of factors that drive a business’s success. No matter what revenue volume a franchise generates, the franchisee needs to be able to create sufficient margins. Margin growth is generated by increasing revenue (sales) and, at the same time, improving operational efficiencies.

These factors are the result of focusing on key studio behaviors, which are largely driven by what an owner does within the four walls of his or her studio. SpeedPro’s Business Consultants and Regional Developers actively coach its franchisees to succeed by leveraging each of the following six, key behaviors.

  1. Accurate Pricing
  2. Effective Use of Business Software
  3. Marketing and Sales
  4. Financial Planning
  5. Labor Management
  6. Defining a Workplace Culture

Here’s a closer look at each one.

Accurate Pricing

Each studio owner produces a different mix of products and services that the local market demands. One of the most fundamental aspects of accurately pricing products is ensuring that the cost of goods sold is fully understood. This helps the owner calculate a fair price that won’t drive customers away yet drive a fair return on the sale. By leveraging the costs of goods sold with what the market will bear, maximizes margin and sales conversion rates.

Effective Use of Business Software

SpeedPro owners use powerful business software that helps them ensure their studios are run efficiently and also assists with effective pricing. Franchisees use the web-based platform for complete workflow management. Owners work from a customizable dashboard that provides insight into production, enables sales with a customer relationship management tool, and integrated invoicing for back-office processes.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Studio owners create a plan to generate brand and market awareness which creates demand for the SpeedPro products and services. They also have a clear strategy to close more sales. Many franchisees build name recognition through networking and building connections through their local business community. They also use their studios as demonstration and staging locations to give potential clients a tactile and tangible experience with their studio products and services.

Financial Planning

A strong financial plan helps provide studio owners with a framework and projections to lead them to where they want to be in the future. The plan takes into account the product mix and equipment needs. For example, some studio owners operate in an area with a significant number of tradeshows, conferences and events, which motivates them to market trade show displays and similar products more heavily than other owners. The product mix and owner focus ultimately determine the type of equipment each owner acquires to maximize their sales opportunities and financial results for one, three and five years down the road.

Labor Management

Successful studio owners identify the individuals they need to effectively run their businesses. SpeedPro studios tend to start with limited staff; generally, with two team members. As the business grows, owners expand the number of team members; to up four or more. These individuals may be designers, operations and project managers, sales personnel, marketing assistants, among other roles. The owner identifies the need and right fit for these positions.

Defining a Workplace Culture

People have many options for where they can and want to work. A strong, positive culture goes a long way to attract team members who fit the owner’s vision help ensure they’ll love what they do. The very nature of a wide-format printing studio presents professionals with a dynamic work environment that supports individuals who thrive on creativity, collaboration and exceptional customer service. Still, it’s up to the individual owner to develop and foster a unique culture that differentiates his or her business from the rest.

When a studio owner consistently and effectively leverages each of these behaviors, the business thrives and grows sales, profits and reputation.

Are you ready to learn more about becoming a SpeedPro studio owner? Get in touch with us today!