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New Year, New Business: Why Leap Into Franchising

November 29, 2023

A new year is fast approaching, and new year’s goals are at the top of everyone’s minds. Entrepreneurial spirits might be searching for ways to shift their careers toward something more passionate and growth-oriented like franchising.

Franchise ownership offers the perfect blend of independence and proven success, all under the protective umbrella of an established brand. Even better, franchise brands like SpeedPro offer unique benefits like a low-overhead model and immediate revenue generation. If you’re determined to make 2024 the year of big change, consider how investing in our large-format print franchise can offer GREAT.BIG.OPPORTUNITY.!

Franchising offers a fresh start in 2024

The new year often ignites a desire for personal and professional transformation. Perhaps you’re eager for new challenges, more exciting work or a stronger community. Many entrepreneurs desire positive change, and franchising can unlock all of this and more.

Passion: Fuel for your franchise success

Passion is the cornerstone of every successful endeavor—but many people aren’t working jobs they’re passionate about. Opening a franchise that aligns with your interests and passions can make you happier and eager to come to work each day.

Search for a brand that matches things you’re enthusiastic about, turning your work into a labor of love. In the world of franchising, a fresh start isn’t just about a new business; it’s about doing what you love and loving what you do.

SpeedPro franchise owners are passionate about GREAT.BIG.GRAPHICS. and how they can take large-format print products from initial idea to print to install. Studio owners work with businesses in their communities to generate awareness, build brands, promote events and so much more. No two days are ever the same, creating an opportunity to do something new on every project.

Support systems: Building a strong foundation

Although many entrepreneurs are independent leaders, they often seek out like-minded professionals who share their enthusiasm for business. After all, your personal and professional network plays a pivotal role in your journey! Franchising is perfect for these aspiring businesses owners, providing a built-in support system from day 1.

Forging a fresh start in franchising means surrounding yourself with mentors, fellow franchisees and a franchisor like SpeedPro that fosters a collaborative and supportive community. These support systems can provide guidance, encouragement and solutions—helping you grow that much faster.

Challenges: New opportunities for growth

Every fresh start comes with challenges, but entrepreneurs know that obstacles are opportunities in disguise. You might be eager for new challenges in the new year because of the growth opportunities they have to offer.

Franchising will certainly present new hurdles and setbacks. But with the right mindset and the support of your franchisor, you can turn them into stepping stones toward success.

Benefits of SpeedPro’s franchise model

If you’ve decided that franchising is the right move, it’s time to narrow down your options and select a franchise system to invest in. There are countless opportunities out there, but few offer the range of benefits that SpeedPro does to new franchisees. Check out some of the many reasons new franchisees choose our business model.

  • Proven business. SpeedPro isn’t new to the large-format printing scene. Our business has decades of experience that back our success and growth. This allows us to offer franchisees a business model that’s proven to work. Better yet, our large-format products are applicable to a vast range of industries and customer types. This allows each SpeedPro Studio to tailor their revenue streams to their particular market—no matter where they are or what the region’s business makeup is.
  • Work-life balance. SpeedPro is a strictly B2B business, meaning our Studio owners enjoy nights and weekends off like their customers do. This offers franchisees a much more balanced lifestyle, with more time for their hobbies, friends and family.
  • Evergreen industry. The print marketing industry has continued to grow over decades, becoming even more valuable as print technology unlocks new opportunities. Businesses and organizations are constantly advertising to customers, so the need for large-format print products remains evergreen. This is great news for SpeedPro franchisees!
  • Low-overhead model. Launching a business is inherently a risk. The lower your overhead, the less risky the investment becomes. SpeedPro is proud to offer Studio owners a low-overhead model that keeps costs down and reduces overall risk. You need only two employees to open your Studio, along with a modest Studio space and startup package with only the equipment you need to run your business initially. Then, as the Studio grows, equipment and staff can be added to meet your needs.
  • Generate revenue immediately. Not many businesses offer new owners the ability to begin generating revenue immediately. There’s typically a lag between the initial investment and the time your business can actually bring money in the door. SpeedPro is the opposite. Our Buddy Studio program allows new franchisees to generate revenue immediately—even before your Studio opens! By partnering with a nearby Studio to fulfill orders, you can create income that much sooner.

How to prepare for your new business

Ready to launch your new endeavor in 2024? Get started immediately to reap all the benefits of franchise ownership! There are a few steps you’ll need to take to get your SpeedPro Studio up and running in 2024.

  • Reach out to begin the Discovery Process—an 8-step program to ensure you and SpeedPro are the right fit for each other.
  • Source funding for your franchise investment, whether that’s through SBA loans or a 401(k) rollover.
  • Select your territory and find a location for your new Studio. Then, begin the buildout process as you onboard and train with our corporate team.
  • Ramp up to your grand opening! We’ll help you create a foothold in your market, so you’ll have customers ready for orders once your doors officially open.

If you’re ready for a fresh start in the new year, turn to SpeedPro and transform your personal and professional life. Contact us to learn more about our franchise opportunity and get started!

How SpeedPro Leverages Strategic Partnerships

November 8, 2023

A lot of printing companies are transactional in nature. A customer places an order, the printer produces it, and the interaction ends. But small businesses rely on more than just transactions to put down roots in their community. At SpeedPro, we believe that the foundation of our success lies in the value we place on relationships and strategic partnerships. Our business model revolves around fostering meaningful connectionsto have sustained growth and demonstrate excellence in the large-format printing industry.

Our commitment to partnerships extends far beyond a mere business transaction. Here’s how we leverage strategic partnerships to our benefit.

Sourcing partners, not clients

One of the key ways SpeedPro uses strategic partnerships is through our commitment to creating unique solutions for individual customers. Unlike other printing companies that offer one-size-fits-all services, we recognize the value of tailoring our print solutions to meet the specific needs and ideas of our partners. Whether it’s a nonprofit organization in need of event materials or a local café in need of a cozy wall mural, our customers know that SpeedPro will craft something unique to their vision.

Our approach to customer partnerships begins with active listening and understanding. We take the time to learn about our clients’ goals, industries, branding and the stories they want to tell. By forging a genuine partnership with each customer, we can craft custom-tailored designs and printing solutions to exceed their expectations.

This personalized approach is not just about delivering a product; it’s about serving as a trusted collaborator, an extension of our clients’ teams and a creative problem-solver. By placing such a high value on individual customer partnerships, SpeedPro distinguishes itself as a business that thrives on building connections and delivering unmatched customer service. (It’s also why we have such a high Net Promoter Score!)

taft theater window graphics - SpeedPro

White-label coordination

SpeedPro’s strategic approach extends to our collaboration with small-format print companies and marketing and advertising agencies. Even within the printing industry, specialization is key. That’s why we’ve established ourselves as a trusted white-label provider, partnering with like-minded businesses to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our white-label partnerships are a win-win for all parties. Small-format print companies can tap into our expertise in the large-format space, expanding their service offerings without making significant investments in equipment or expertise. This enables them to serve a broader range of clients and expand their revenue streams. Marketing and advertising agencies are able to offer end-to-end solutions for their clients, too, starting with conceptual design and ending with printing and installation.

For SpeedPro, these partnerships allow us to reach new markets and audiences—enhancing our reach and diversifying our services. We can leverage the capabilities of our partners to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions while maintaining our commitment to quality and excellence.

Again, these collaborations aren’t just business transactions; they are an extension of our partnership-based model. By sharing knowledge, expertise and resources, we create a network of support and innovation that strengthens the entire printing industry.

Partnership runs deep through SpeedPro

While our external partnerships with customers and print or advertising companies are integral to our business model, SpeedPro’s approach to fostering internal partnerships is equally vital. A strong sense of teamwork and collaboration within the franchise network is the cornerstone of our success.

Within the SpeedPro franchise, we prioritize open communication, knowledge sharing and collective problem-solving. You’ll see this in many avenues, from our Buddy Studio program to our Ask the Owners system and annual Speedpro Convention. Our franchise owners are given the tools, resources and a network of support that allows them to succeed.

By nurturing both internal and external partnerships, SpeedPro offers a shared sense of purpose and success. In this way, SpeedPro is more than just a business opportunity; it’s a community.

We’re seeking driven entrepreneurs who are interested in forging partnerships and finding ways to drive collaborative, mutually beneficial growth. Sound like you? Contact us to learn more about our large-format printing franchise opportunity.

Explore Large-Format Print’s Role in Event Marketing

October 24, 2023

Whether they’re trade shows, conferences, festivals or grand openings, events are dynamic platforms where organizations showcase their offerings and create lasting impressions. The industry is known for its ever-changing nature, its insatiable demand for graphics that grab attention, and the potential for long-lasting partnerships. All of these things make event marketing a fantastic source of revenue for SpeedPro Studio owners.

Events marketers’ demand for GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. make large-format printers indispensable in this field. Even better, Q4 is the perfect time to seize the event marketing opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s dive into how your Studio can make a big impact in the event marketing scene.

Event marketing holds ample sales opportunities

Events are powerful catalysts for businesses and organizations to engage with their audiences in immersive ways. They want to make a lasting impression—and large-format print products help them do that. For SpeedPro Studio owners, this industry holds a wealth of opportunities to not only showcase your printing prowess but also to become valuable partners.

In fact, SpeedPro franchisees are uniquely positioned to thrive in the world of event marketing. Here are several reasons why event marketing might be a boon to your large-format printing business.

  • Dynamic nature of rotating events: Events are not static. They come and go, creating a constant demand for eye-catching graphics and promotional materials. From one event to the next, organizations need fresh, attention-grabbing visuals to stand out in the crowd. The ever-changing event dynamic creates opportunity for consistent revenue.
  • Need for BIG graphics: Events demand visuals that are larger than life. Banners, posters, floor graphics, wall murals, vehicle wraps and more need to be bold and impactful to capture the attention of event attendees. Large-format printing is tailor-made for this purpose.
  • Opportunity for ongoing partnerships: Event planners, exhibitors and organizers need reliable partners who can deliver high-quality prints on time. By consistently meeting these demands, SpeedPro owners build long-lasting relationships with clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals.

Leveraging large-format printing for event marketing

Large-format printing is the driving force behind events of all kinds. As a SpeedPro Studio owner, it’s critical to understand how to leverage large-format printing in event marketing. Consider these popular event marketing product applications.

  • Banners and signage: Events rely heavily on banners and signage to encourage ticket sales, guide attendees, and promote brands. Whether it’s a towering outdoor banner or an elegant indoor display, large-format printing is the go-to solution for these attention-grabbing visuals.
  • Wall wraps and murals: Transforming ordinary spaces into immersive brand experiences is a hallmark of successful event marketing. Large-format wall wraps and murals can turn blank walls into engaging backdrops that tell a story or immerse attendees in a particular theme.
  • Floor graphics: The floor is a great canvas for event marketers. Floor graphics can lead attendees through a venue, highlight key areas or add a touch of whimsy to an event space.
  • Vehicle wraps: Events on the move, such as mobile marketing tours or parades, require attention-grabbing, and memorable, graphics on vehicles. Large-format vehicle wraps can turn ordinary vehicles into moving billboards that garner attention wherever they go.

The seasonal advantage of Q4 events

While event marketing is a year-round endeavor, the fourth quarter (Q4) stands out as a particularly important period for both event planners and SpeedPro owners. Q4 is not just a time for seasonal celebrations; it’s also a prime season for event marketing. Event planners are diligently crafting their budgets for the upcoming year, and the need for large-format print products is on the rise.

Q4 hosts a blend of festivities and celebrations that increase print demand. From holiday parties and expos to product launches and year-end galas, event planners recognize the potential of Q4 to engage audiences during a time of heightened consumer activity.

Another critical aspect of Q4 is the meticulous planning that occurs as organizations prepare for the upcoming year. Event planners allocate budgets for their events well in advance. This budgeting process is a prime opportunity for SpeedPro owners to connect with clients and secure contracts for future projects.

By proactively reaching out to event planners during Q4, franchisees can position themselves as trusted partners ready to bring their creative visions to life. Building these relationships during the budgeting phase increases the likelihood of securing lucrative contracts for large-format printing services.

Long-term event marketing relationships can spell success

If your region has a strong event marketing scene, it pays to build relationships with local event marketers. Soon, your Studio might be known as the go-to provider for large-format event products, offering an ongoing stream of revenue and repeat business.

Interested in learning about all the other ways SpeedPro can serve businesses in your area? Reach out to learn about our large-format print franchise opportunity and how you can open your very own Studio today!

Niche Markets are Rife With Opportunity

October 2, 2023

One of the benefits of opening a franchise business is there’s a proven market in need of your services. At SpeedPro, we’ve demonstrated that businesses and organizations across just about any sector have use for large-format printed products. Tapping into this existing market is what makes our SpeedPro franchise model so successful.

At the same time, every region and business community is a little different. Some industries will have higher product demand for others. In order to maximize sales for your SpeedPro Studio, you’ll need to learn what the revenue-drivers are in your area. Along the way, you might discover an even greater asset—the niche markets that can help your business thrive.

Let’s take a closer look at the power of niche markets within the large-format printing business and how you can use them to your Studio’s advantage as a SpeedPro franchisee.

Understanding the versatility of large-format printing

When you think of large-format printing, it’s easy to associate it with poster-sized advertisements or banners for events. While those are certainly within the scope of what large-format printing offers, its versatility extends far beyond these traditional uses. Large-format printing is a dynamic and adaptable technology catering to a vast array of industries and purposes.

SpeedPro Studios can reproduce intricate details and vibrant colors with exceptional clarity. This makes them ideal for producing eye-catching graphics that leave a lasting impression, whether for a retail display or a gallery-wall installation. Additionally, large-format printing is not limited to paper or vinyl. SpeedPro franchise owners use various materials, including fabric, canvas, wood, acrylic, and more when creating impactful GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS.

Thanks to the versatility of products, large-format printing also benefits from versatility of application. Here are just a few examples of sectors benefitting from our products.

  • Retail and visual merchandising through in-store displays, window graphics, and promotional materials.
  • Real estate and property development, including leasing announcements, floor plans, and development renderings.
  • Event planning, requiring banners, backdrops, signage, and floor graphics.
  • Educational institutions, including educational materials, informative displays, campus branding, and classroom visuals.
  • Healthcare and medical facilities, which need wayfinding signs, patient education materials, and informative and colorful wall installations.
  • Restaurants and hospitality, from menu boards to wall murals that elevate ambiance.

The power of niche markets

One of the remarkable parts of large-format printing is its ability to adapt to unique challenges and creative opportunities. Studio owners have the flexibility to offer customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of their local clients. Your products can be molded to fit the demands of your chosen industries.

This allows you to take the application of your business one step further—into niche regional markets. Niche markets are distinct segments of the population with specialized needs or interests. Unlike broad markets, niche markets are specific and often underserved, making them ripe for exploration. They can encompass anything from a local arts and crafts community needing custom posters, to a neighborhood real estate boom demanding eye-catching property signage.

Niche markets might be particularly attractive to your business for several reasons.

  • Proximity and accessibility: Local niche markets are right in your backyard. This proximity means you can engage with potential clients face-to-face, fostering deeper trust and easier collaboration.
  • Personalized marketing: Understanding your region’s culture and preferences allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. This translates into higher conversion rates and more sales.
  • Community connections: Building relationships within your community not only boosts your business but also contributes positively to the local economy.

SpeedPro Studio owners who’ve ventured into niche markets often see remarkable success. Picture a printing franchise serving the vibrant food scene of a small town, creating food festival banners and food truck wraps. In another instance, a Studio thrives by specializing in signage for the region’s burgeoning art industry, producing eye-catching graphics for gallery windows and printing photo canvases with stunning clarity.

By tapping into local niche markets, franchise owners can discover a goldmine of opportunities, both professionally and within their community. Together, you and local businesses can create amazing things!

Finding a niche in your region

Every region will have its own niche markets to discover and serve. You just need to know where to look. Here’s how to pinpoint and leverage these important opportunities.

  • Do market research: Begin by conducting thorough market research. Understand your local demographics, consumer behavior and emerging trends. Look for gaps in the market and identify areas where large-format printing can provide value.
  • Tailor your approach: Customization is the name of the game. Tailor your services to meet the specific needs of your chosen niche. Make sure potential customers understand how your services are different.
  • Stay engaged with community: Networking is invaluable. Attend local events, join community organizations and engage with potential clients.
  • Embrace creativity: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Innovation is your ally in discovering niche opportunities. Home in on unique materials, creative design concepts or specialized finishing options that set you apart.

By tapping into your specific region’s niche markets, you can deliver products you’re passionate about, drive more sales and solidify your business within the fabric of your community. SpeedPro’s diverse product line and innovative technology make it easy to turn ideas into printed reality—no matter the industry.

Ready to begin your large-format printing journey? Learn more about SpeedPro’s franchise model and what it takes to launch your own business.

SpeedPro Provides Clients Q4 Business Boost

September 19, 2023

Everyone in business knows the fourth quarter can be one of the busiest times of year. For entrepreneurs and business owners, this final stretch of the year isn’t just about wrapping up numbers. It’s also a chance to surge ahead, exceed goals and leave a memorable mark on their industries. Businesses need the right partners to help them achieve these things.

Fortunately for them, SpeedPro makes an excellent partner during this high-intensity period. Our large-format print franchise has the products and expertise companies need. Studio owners can—and should—position themselves as their local businesses’ go-to print partner as we come to the end of the year. With the right approach, both your Studio and your clients can benefit!

The fourth quarter advantage for business

The fourth quarter presents a golden opportunity for large-format print franchisees. At this point in the year, businesses are laser-focused on achieving year-end goals and captivating their audiences with holiday promotions. SpeedPro Studios can generate sales and provide their business partners a boost by helping them navigate the complexities of the fourth-quarter rush. Here’s how.

Gearing up for holiday promotions

Q4 is widely known as the season of holiday shopping and heightened consumer engagement. Brands need to get their message out there—and stand out from the competition—in order to secure sales. In many cases, these holiday ads need to be BIG and better than ever.

As a SpeedPro franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to position yourself as the knowledgeable solution for these businesses’ promotional needs. You can offer businesses captivating signage, banners, window graphics, posters and more that resonate with their target audiences. Imagine being the driving force behind a business’s standout holiday campaign—boosting not only their success but also your own franchise’s profitability.

Meeting year-end goals

In the fourth quarter, many businesses are in a sprint to the finish line, trying to meet or exceed their year-end sales goals. Many of these initiatives fall in tandem with or after holiday promotions. What’s more, many businesses use Q4 as an opportunity to use up remaining marketing and advertising budgets. They might fast-track new initiatives in advance of the new year.

As a large-format print provider, your products are critical in helping these businesses achieve their objectives. Trade show displays and other large graphics help drive sales at end-of-year events. Window or floor graphics, banners and flags attract passersby. By providing top-tier print solutions that catch the eye and contribute to increased foot traffic and sales, you become an indispensable partner in their journey.

Deliver Q4 success to clients and your Studio

Q4 is an exciting time, but it’s important to act strategically to harness its full potential. Use these tips to establish your Studio as an invaluable partner in local businesses’ year-end success—and help drive success of your own.

  • Build strong relationships: Nurturing existing client relationships is as important as acquiring new ones, particularly in Q4. Maintain open lines of communication and offer personalized solutions that align with your clients’ unique fourth-quarter objectives. By demonstrating your commitment to their success, you position yourself as a reliable partner for the long haul. This might open doors beyond Q4 through the rest of the year!
  • Plan for the rush: Preparation is the cornerstone of Q4 success. Anticipate the increased demand for large-format print materials and organize your workflows and staffing accordingly. Efficiently managing production capacity ensures you can fulfill orders promptly and keep clients happy, even in the midst of the holiday rush.
  • Leverage seasonal marketing: Your clients aren’t the only ones who need seasonal marketing!Studio owners should tailor their marketing efforts to highlight their franchise’s offerings during Q4, too. Showcase your expertise in crafting high-quality print solutions. This can help you attract new clients who want to make a big impact during the festive season.

SpeedPro supports you—during Q4 and beyond

A core tenet of SpeedPro is partnership. Just as our Studios serve as partners to their business clients, our home office team serves as a partner to our franchisees during Q4 and the rest of the year. Whether your Studio is up and running or you’re considering taking the leap into franchise ownership, rest assured that we’re here to support you. By relying on our proven business model, cutting-edge technology and robust product line, you’ll offer business partners an end-of-year boost—and even enjoy one yourself!

Are you eager to explore the benefits of franchise ownership? Reach out to learn more about our large-format printing franchise opportunity.

What Franchisor Support Means at SpeedPro

September 6, 2023

Starting a new franchise takes a lot of time and effort—especially if you’re entering a new industry. At SpeedPro, we understand this can feel daunting. That’s why we aim to set every one of our Studio owners up for success from day one of their franchise journey.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of entrepreneurship when you invest in our large-format printing franchise system, but you’ll also avoid many of the challenges new business owners encounter. Why? Because of SpeedPro’s robust franchise support programs! Whether you’re brand-new to franchising and or are adding SpeedPro ownership to your business ownership portfolio, here are all the ways SpeedPro is here to support you.

Discovery and onboarding

SpeedPro support begins even before you sign a contract or open your doors. The process of choosing the right franchise is an important one, which is why our franchising team members are there to help you along the way. Our staff will guide you through the discovery and onboarding processes, provide company education, answer questions and meet with you during a Discovery Day event. Our goal is to make sure you’re making the right investment decision for you.

Once you’ve signed the Franchise Agreement, our onboarding teams will continue to help you drill down into the details of your upcoming studio. We offer support in choosing the right site for your Studio, generating a business plan and much more.

Hands-on training program

Whether you’re a print industry veteran or have no print experience at all, every SpeedPro franchisee attends a two-week intensive training program at our home office in Denver, Colorado. This comprehensive program will give you hands-on experience with our processes, equipment and products.

We cover everything from employee recruitment to software and production training. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and resources you need to operate your own Studio.

speedpro training

Ramp-up program and field support

Our Ramp-Up program is one of the most innovative in the industry! We prepare each franchisee to open their studio by connecting you with a field consultant who’s run a business of their own. They’ll provide one-on-one business coaching and assist you with networking while your studio is being built. You can expect help networking to grow a pool of potential clients and navigating your first sales calls.

Then, you can begin generating revenue before your Studio doors open. You’ll partner with a nearby Buddy Studio to fulfill orders from new clients you attract during the buildout period.

Marketing and branding

As a franchisee, you’ll contribute regularly to the SpeedPro marketing fund. The SpeedPro home office team uses these funds to execute franchise-specific and company-level advertising strategies.

To start, this team will help generate buzz for your Studio’s grand opening by building you a dedicated website, planning a grand opening ceremony and setting up a local press event. We also do national branding efforts that boost our brand recognition overall.

Tech support

Once your Studio is up and running, you’ll continue being supported from a technology perspective. Our tech support team is available to help you navigate any problems or questions you have so that all your equipment works the way it was designed to.

Continuing education

SpeedPro’s training doesn’t stop after those two weeks in Colorado! We offer all franchisees ample opportunities for repeat and continuing education. You’ll have access to the SpeedPro University online learning center and the Hub resource center. Here, you can find training materials for business operations, sales and finance or team recruitment as well as tools that will help you run your business.

You’ll also retain access to support from our field consultants. SpeedPro is proud to have an industry-leading ratio of business consultants to every franchise owner. This means you’ll have that much more one-on-one support from someone who truly understands your business.

Additionally, we host regular interactive training sessions like webinars and the Ask The Owners program. This allows franchisees to consult our expansive network of Studio owners for advice or to overcome obstacles.

Cutting-edge innovation

When you open your Studio, you’ll receive a turnkey package of materials and equipment that represents the latest tech in the industry. SpeedPro does the hard work of researching the best printers in the industry—and we continue to do so.

Our team keeps our fingers on the pulse of leading tech by attending tradeshows and seminars. As tech evolves, we give Studio owners the opportunity to adapt and evolve alongside it, ensuring you’re always staying at the forefront of wide-format printing.

Annual convention

Once a year, we bring all SpeedPro Studio owners together to network and celebrate! The SpeedPro Annual Convention gives franchisees a chance to learn and grow with each other, be inspired by each other’s successes and contribute to SpeedPro’s team-oriented culture.

See success with SpeedPro support

Whether it’s day one of your franchise research journey or your tenth year in business, SpeedPro is here to support you. By giving our franchisees a helping hand, we ensure collective success across the SpeedPro system and solidify a strong future in business.

Ready to take advantage of all the support we have to offer? Contact us today to inquire about launching your very own large-format printing business.

6 Answers to New Franchisee Questions

August 23, 2023

Congratulations on considering the exciting journey of becoming a franchise owner! Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be both thrilling and daunting, and you’re bound to have lots of questions. Our franchise development team at SpeedPro is happy to answer them, providing clarity and building confidence in your decision to join our franchise network.

Let’s delve into some common questions new and prospective franchisees often have, so you can feel more secure in your next step toward franchise ownership.

1. Do I need print experience to join this business?

One of the most common questions we receive from potential SpeedPro owners is, “Is print experience required? Our answer is no! SpeedPro franchisees do not need experience in the large-format printing in order to excel as a printing franchise owner.

The SpeedPro model is set up to train every new franchisee on equipment, service offerings and processes—regardless of how much or how little print experience they come in with. Through our hands-on training program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about operating a SpeedPro Studio successfully.

2. How do I finance my franchise Studio?

Franchise financials is another top concern among prospective franchisees—and for good reason! You want to make sure you can afford the franchise you’re investing in and find ways to pay for it responsibly.

SpeedPro does not offer franchise financing in-house. However, we do maintain relationships with third-party companies who may offer financing options for your business. Additionally, there are other methods of funding your Studio, including conducting a 401(k) rollover, obtaining a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, or funding your business with cash savings.

3. What kinds of support does SpeedPro offer?

Every franchise operates a little differently, so it’s natural to be curious about the level of support each one will offer. At SpeedPro, we pride ourselves on offering a superior level of support to franchise owners—before, during and after launch.

When you get started in our franchise network, you can expect new franchisee support in the realms of financing, Studio location and lease negotiation and general onboarding. Once you sign your franchise agreement, you’ll partake in a two-week, hands-on training course to learn the ins and outs of the business. This is followed by a robust Ramp-Up Program that will help you build local connections and generate revenue for your business even before your doors open.

After your successful launch, you’ll get even more support on an ongoing basis. Our corporate team executes large-scale advertising programs that are funded by your marketing fund contributions. We offer both a SpeedPro University online learning center and The Hub resource center to encourage ongoing education as well as webinars and other training sessions to help you grow as a business owner. And, we all gather once a year for our annual SpeedPro convention, where you can learn from your fellow franchisees and grow your network!

4. Can I own multiple SpeedPro Studios?

Yes, you can own multiple SpeedPro Studios! Ambitious franchise owners may be interested in expanding their portfolio with several Studio locations. However, SpeedPro owners have limitless-scalability with a single location as well.

Our Studio owners have the freedom to make their businesses as large or small as they desire. The business model allows for growth at a pace that’s comfortable for you and adaptable to the market. You can stay a locally focused shop or set your sights on nationwide sales.

5. How can I make my SpeedPro Studio my own?

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a franchise network is that the business model is proven and set up, so you can hit the ground running. That being said, many new franchisees value the ability to tailor their businesses to their personal interests. SpeedPro offers a healthy mix of both!

Our services and products are appliable to a variety of industries, from real estate to education to Fortune 500 companies. However, SpeedPro owners can choose which areas they’d like to focus their business on the most. If your local market has a large pool of nonprofit clients, you can tap into them! Or, if you have ties to your academic community, you can focus on serving their large-format printing needs. In this way, you can pursue projects you’re passionate about and tailor the SpeedPro product line to meet clients’ unique needs.

6. What’s the benefit of joining SpeedPro over an independent business?

Still on the fence about investing in a franchise instead of forging ahead on your own? SpeedPro’s established franchise network has a lot to offer aspiring entrepreneurs. First and foremost, we’re a household name in the large-format printing industry, with decades of experience and a proven product line that’s helped us find success.

With a nationwide network of Studios, SpeedPro can leverage purchasing power on equipment and materials, which lowers the cost of doing business. This is in addition to the substantial investment our corporate team makes in ongoing education and innovation to ensure all Studios stay at the forefront of the industry.

If it wasn’t clear already, SpeedPro is here to help. We are proud to offer tremendous support and education to our new franchisees, with the goal of making your transition into business ownership as smooth as possible. Ready to take the leap? Learn more about our large-format printing franchise!

Generating Leads as a Print Franchise

August 4, 2023

All businesses need customers. But one of the things many new entrepreneurs struggle with is determining where to find those customers. Lead generation—the process of identifying and nurturing potential clients—is crucial to the success of your large-format print Studio.

As a SpeedPro franchisee, your primary responsibility will be sales and lead generation. Think of yourself as the face of the brand in your local community. Building strong relationships with potential clients and showcasing the value of your Studio’s large-format printing services are essential for acquiring new customers. Fortunately, SpeedPro serves clients across a wide range of industries. This means your Studio’s potential client pool is large, no matter the market you’re in! Even better, you won’t be on your own—we provide comprehensive training and valuable marketing resources to support your efforts.

Check out some of the top ways SpeedPro Studio owners cultivate leads for their businesses.

Use SpeedPro’s Ramp-Up Program and marketing support

At SpeedPro, we give all new franchisees a leg up from the very beginning through several marketing and sales support programs. First and foremost, our Ramp-Up Program allows you to get a boost in business and begin generating leads and revenue, even before you open your Studio doors. You’ll source orders from small-format print partners and work with a Buddy Studio nearby to fulfill them. Our field consultants will also help you network in your city and begin building relationships that can turn into leads down the road.

Once your Studio is officially open, SpeedPro continues to support your business through our corporate marketing fund, which you’ll contribute to monthly. These fees support the national branding and advertising efforts we execute, including our corporate and Studio-specific websites.

Network with local businesses

SpeedPro focuses heavily on sourcing leads from the local community you operate in. Networking within your local area is a powerful way to generate a potential client pool and establish a strong brand presence.

Get involved with local business associations, join your regional or state Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations and attend networking events to start building connections. You never know which relationships with other businesses might lead to fruitful partnerships and referrals! Additionally, consider participating in local trade shows and conferences to showcase your services and engage directly with potential clients.

Attend and sponsor community events

Taking community engagement a step further, show your support for the neighborhood by participating in sponsorships and events. Align your brand with community initiatives, charities or local sports teams. This not only boosts your brand visibility but also highlights your commitment to the community’s well-being and positions you as a good partner.

Community events provide ample opportunities to enhance brand awareness and meet potential clients. Event hosts, academic professionals, nonprofits and many more will get eyes on your business. Make sure you attend these events in your SpeedPro wrapped vehicle, which serves as a mobile billboard for your services!

Use digital marketing strategically

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is vital for lead generation, since many B2B clients will turn to search engines while they do research. Your website serves as your virtual storefront and portfolio, which is why we make sure every SpeedPro Studio has its own dedicated site.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media, either. Maintain active profiles on popular platforms and share visually appealing content (like your latest projects) regularly. Engage with your audience, respond to inquiries promptly and use social media advertising to reach a broader target audience. Not sure where to start? SpeedPro also offers social media support and guidance to its owners.

Additionally, online advertising allows you to target specific customer segments through robust targeting options. If your Studio is trying to home in on one client vertical in particular, digital ads might be a beneficial option for your Studio.

Encourage client referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is often considered one of the most reliable—and cost-effective—strategies available. Because of our commitment to great customer service, referrals are a huge part of SpeedPro’s business. After all, happy customers are more likely to refer you to their friends!

Consider implementing a referral program to encourage existing clients to spread the word. This might take the form of referral discounts, requested online reviews or other means of gathering client testimonials.

Put your Studio on the path to success

As a print franchisee, generating leads is the lifeblood of your business. By leveraging local networking, a robust online presence and targeted advertising, you can attract a steady stream of potential customers.

Once you have a pool of leads, don’t forget to nurture and track them! Some customers might not have a project right away, but will in the future. By keeping the SpeedPro name at the top of their minds, you’ll increase your chances of landing the sale. And, with the support and resources provided by our corporate SpeedPro team, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving large-format print business. Ready to get started? Reach out today to learn more about SpeedPro’s growing large-format printing franchise opportunity. 

SpeedPro’s Strong Brand Gives Studios a Boost

July 20, 2023

In the fast-paced and competitive world of wide-format printing, establishing a strong brand is crucial for long-term success. This is especially true of aspiring entrepreneurs, who may find it challenging to break into the industry as an independent business. Thankfully, you don’t have to!

SpeedPro is a national leader in the industry, offering driven business owners the opportunity to open their own franchise Studio. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, SpeedPro has built a reputation that resonates with B2B customers across the country. Our well-established brand provides a significant advantage to both prospective and current franchisees, offering you the opportunity to join us as a nationally recognized and respected name in large-format printing.

We’ve built a national reputation

SpeedPro’s journey to becoming a top name in wide-format printing has been paved with dedication and hard work. Originally founded in 1992, our company is backed by decades of wide-format printing experience and lessons learned. Today, we have over 100 Studios across the United States and Canada serving as a testament to our reach!

Over the years, one thing has remained consistent: SpeedPro Studios deliver the highest-quality graphics, exceptional customer service and true partnerships. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has allowed SpeedPro to build a national reputation synonymous with superior printing solutions. As a result, customers associate the SpeedPro brand with quality, reliability, innovation and creativity.

The power of the brand and the power of fellow franchisees drives SpeedPro Marietta.

Harness the power of brand recognition

For prospective and current franchisees, aligning with a well-established brand like SpeedPro provides an immediate advantage. Brand recognition plays a critical role in attracting customers, building trust and creating a competitive edge in the marketplace. By joining the SpeedPro network, you can tap into the power of our established brand and capitalize on the reputation and customer loyalty SpeedPro has cultivated.

Compare this to starting an independent business, which comes with its fair share of challenges—including being an unknown name in the industry. By opening a SpeedPro Studio, you’ll gain instant credibility and trust from potential customers. The SpeedPro brand acts as a stamp of approval, assuring clients that they are working with a reputable and reliable large-format print vendor. This trust translates into increased business opportunities and likelihood of establishing long-term partnerships.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge and support

SpeedPro’s strong brand identity is not all about the sales, though. Our Studio owners also get access to benefits that impact them personally and professionally and help their businesses grow.

As a nationally leading brand, SpeedPro has developed a host of proven systems and support programs. We’ve refined our business model, fine-tuned our processes and developed best practices—and the whole system benefits because of it! As a franchisee, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and receive comprehensive training, ongoing support and a roadmap to success. This not only accelerates your learning curve in the industry but also minimizes the risks that might come with starting a business from scratch.

Building a marketing strategy can also be particularly daunting for independent businesses. However, as a SpeedPro owner, you can leverage our national marketing and advertising efforts. After decades in the industry, we know how to home in on customers and sell our top advantages. Using our strong brand presence, we execute centralized marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and generate leads on a wider scale. In the end, each individual franchisee benefits from the collective strength of the SpeedPro network.

With SpeedPro, you won’t go it alone

There’s no question as to SpeedPro’s place in the wide-format printing industry. Our top-notch service, quality and innovation have propelled us to the forefront, and we’ve built our brand around being the best. Now, our franchise owners stand to benefit, too! Let our brand give your business a boost. Ready to explore our large-format printing franchise opportunity? Reach out to learn more today!

A Day In the Life of a SpeedPro Studio Owner

July 5, 2023

As an aspiring franchisee, you dream of running your own business. But depending on the type of franchise system you invest in, your day-to-day work life could be different than you expected. At SpeedPro, we aim to help prospective owners understand our business model and their role as the leader of a Studio.

So, what does a day in the life of a SpeedPro Studio owner really look like? There’s no simple answer. Every SpeedPro Studio operates a little differently due to our breadth of product offerings and the wide array of B2B customers a Studio might serve in its particular market. However, most SpeedPro owners follow a similar formula for how they approach work life as a franchisee. Take a closer look at what you might do on an average day!

Listen to one owner’s story!

Provide product direction

SpeedPro owners lead a creative team and helping bring clients’ visions to life every single day. Studio owners often have several large-format print projects running simultaneously.

To help manage the workload, you will hire a production manager who oversees the production process for all of your projects and deliveries. As an owner, you’ll touch base with this employee regularly to inform the direction of each project and ensure everything stays on track. To that end, you might hold routine meetings with them and the rest of your team to coordinate workflow.

Supervise operations

Your Studio will run with a team of two or more staff members you trust, but it’s your job to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Your role as an owner will include doing quality control and inspections of products and equipment.  

Many owners get hands-on in the Studio with their team, too. You might not be running the print production for every project, but you’ll still be involved with the process and ensure your Studio’s quality is consistent.

Handle client sales and meetings

For a while after you launch your Studio, you’ll be the face of your SpeedPro location. This means you’ll primarily be responsible for marketing to and attracting customer leads as well as meeting with potential clients to uncover their needs. You’ll likely spend a good chunk of your day visiting customer locations or hosting sales calls.

Over time, you might delegate marketing activities to a marketing coordinator. While this means less hands-on work for you, it will be your job to determine the business’s marketing goals, target customers and key performance metrics.

Oversee business development

As the head of your Studio, you’ll be the one in charge of your business’s finances to make sure your books are balanced and your business is on the right financial path. Operations will largely fall in your wheelhouse too, ensuring your vision for yourself, your team, and your business are on the strategic path you desire.

It will also be your job to explore the future direction of your business. You’ll plan which customer segments you’ll like to branch out to, which product lines you might offer next and more.

Maintain a balanced lifestyle

The majority of your work will be done on site at your SpeedPro Studio, collaborating with your team, hosting clients or working in your office. However, you also get to enjoy a healthy work-life balance thanks to SpeedPro’s built-in flexibility. Our Studios operate on banker’s hours, meaning 8-5, Monday through Friday. You’ll have nights and weekends off to spend time with family or enjoy your hobbies and passions!

You also have the flexibility to pop in and out throughout the day. Our owners do light travel throughout town to visit clients, drop off proposals and deliver finished projects. Since you come and go, you’ll have time for important appointments, school drop-offs and other “life stuff” that might take a back seat in a traditional office job.   

SpeedPro offers a blend of excitement, challenge and support

What’s important to realize about owning a SpeedPro franchise is that no two days are ever the same. Our Studio owners are flexible, adaptive and creative—and they enjoy a faster-paced, dynamic work environment. When you invest in our business, you invest in a break from monotony and boredom!

Of course, you’ll also have support along the way. From our hands-on training when you first join the business to ongoing education to asking/answering questions with other Studio owners, you’ll never be alone on your journey.

Does the daily life of SpeedPro sound like it meets your personal and professional goals? Contact us to learn more about opening your very own large-format printing franchise!