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SpeedPro Has Opportunities in Every Major Market

October 22, 2021

For many businesses, franchise growth is a sign of success. As a company expands across cities, states and regions, they build a larger network of owners and an even larger customer base. However, most aspiring franchisees want to know that there are still opportunities for investment in their local area.

At SpeedPro, we’ve been fortunate to develop a network of over 150 large-format print studios across the United States and Canada. Through our affiliates, we’ve even expanded overseas, reaching to markets like Japan, India, Central America, South America and Mexico! Despite this growth, though, what makes us so attractive to investors is the fact that we retain a wide availability of markets. Entrepreneurs interested in SpeedPro should be glad to hear that we still have ownership opportunities in every major metropolitan market across the country.

How the SpeedPro network works

SpeedPro operates solely as a B2B business. This means our studio owners are working with businesses, public entities and nonprofit organizations in their communities to provide large-format print products. For this reason, SpeedPro studios need to be located in areas with ample B2B customers to market to! This also means that we are able to operate multiple studios within a particular metro area, as long as the business potential allows for it.

Having nearby studios in a particular area gives owners the opportunity to work together, especially when a new studio is in the development process. Before your doors even open, you can work with a “buddy studio” to learn tips and tricks and fulfill orders for your first set of clients.

Rather than open multiple locations, SpeedPro owners are encouraged to scale their businesses from their sole studio location. You’ll network with customers in your local community, taking sales calls and making deliveries from your centrally located business. As you capture more of the market, your studio can purchase more equipment and hire more staff to produce print products for a larger number of clients.

Where can you own a SpeedPro studio?

If you’re an aspiring franchisee and you’re wondering if opening a SpeedPro studio is possible in your area, there’s a good chance the answer is yes! SpeedPro currently has studio availability in every major metropolitan area across the country. From Los Angeles, California, to El Paso, Texas, to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Albany, New York, we have new studio opportunities nationwide.

In areas where SpeedPro has already expanded, there may be opportunities for entrepreneurs to purchase resale studios. Purchasing an existing business can come with a number of benefits, including a customer base that is already familiar with the brand and our work. We currently have resale opportunities in a range of popular markets, including Tempe, Arizona; San Diego, California; and St. Louis, Missouri.

By choosing a hot market near a metropolitan area, you’re able to set your SpeedPro studio up for the best chance of success. With countless businesses to choose from within driving distance, your studio will have ample opportunity for expansion. This is true whether you choose a new or resale studio, so explore our available opportunities!

Grow with SpeedPro

SpeedPro is the nation’s leading large-format print franchise. With over 150 studio locations and counting, we’ve established a name in the printing industry and have created the systems our owners need to achieve success.

If you’re interested in a local, hands-on franchise opportunity, SpeedPro might be the perfect choice for you. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with a representative and discover what opportunities await in your market.

How Our Small Footprint Keeps Overhead Low

October 13, 2021

Overhead is one aspect of running a business that might take entrepreneurs by surprise. Those small and large costs that aren’t directly related to production can add up over the course of a month. Over time, they can eat away at your profits! Keeping overhead low is something many business owners strive for.

At SpeedPro, you don’t have to try hard—our business model is designed with low overhead to begin with! The average SpeedPro studio maintains a 66 percent profit margin thanks, in part, to the ways SpeedPro saves our owners money.

Here are some of the key ways you’ll keep your overhead low while operating a SpeedPro studio.

Small staff

SpeedPro’s operations are best described as a “lean machine.” It doesn’t take a large crew of people to make your studio run efficiently. To open your doors, you only need one-to-two employees. As your business grows, you have the option of hiring more staff if needed.

Maintaining a small staff has a number of benefits—most importantly, your business gets to keep overhead low. You won’t be responsible for the salaries and benefits packages for tens of employees, so your month-over-month costs remain manageable and predictable.

Cost-effective studio

The typical SpeedPro studio itself also helps reduce overhead for our owners. You don’t need a massive warehouse, a commercial building full of offices, or a fancy storefront. Instead, your studio will be a modest 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. You’d be surprised at how efficiently you can run your business with such a small footprint!

Lean studio space requirements save SpeedPro owners in multiple ways. The initial cost of studio investment and buildout is lower, since less space is needed and the time to develop is shorter. Ongoing utilities and maintenance costs will also naturally be lower than they would be in a larger space. Both of these mean long-term savings for SpeedPro franchisees.

SpeedPro Studios do BIG work in relatively small spaces!

Local network

Most SpeedPro studios serve B2B customers in their communities. This local network approach reduces overhead costs in a few different ways. First, there’s no high costs associated with warehousing, packing and shipping completed products. Deliveries and installations are often made locally via company vehicle.

Second, there’s no need for expensive travel costs associated with the business. Because you’re meeting with customers in your area, you won’t have to pay for regular airfare, hotels and other expenses—just the cost of getting to and from local meetings and events.

Marketing and advertising support

Marketing and advertising costs are a few of the sneakier costs that get tacked onto a company’s overhead. While no business can eliminate the costs of marketing entirely, they can be reduced.

At SpeedPro, our home office offers owners a range of support services, including marketing assistance. What’s more, SpeedPro owners benefit from the established brand recognition and positive reputation in the industry. Combined, these things allow owners to spend more time conducting face-to-face networking within their communities and spend less money on marketing and advertising.

Take advantage of SpeedPro’s small footprint

As a whole, SpeedPro gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in a business that’s relatively affordable upfront and on an ongoing basis. When it comes to overhead, our business model is designed in a way that keeps costs low and profit margins high.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of the large-format printing industry? A SpeedPro franchise consultant is ready to help! Fill out our contact form online to get in touch and begin the discovery process.

Why Customers Choose SpeedPro

September 22, 2021

A major part of any entrepreneur’s franchise purchase decision is the success of the business. SpeedPro’s competitive advantages make us the leading wide-format printing franchise opportunity in the nation. Through leading technology, a partner-oriented mindset and top-notch quality, we give customers ample reasons to choose SpeedPro.

If you’re interested in a SpeedPro franchise, consider the competitive advantages that make our business attractive to the clients we serve.

Leading print technology

The printing industry as a whole is consistently changing, and wide-format printing is a specific niche within it. At SpeedPro, we stay on the forefront of innovation on both a large and small scale. This allows us to deliver the highest-quality graphics to our clients while keeping operations cost-effective and efficient.

From large corporate clients all the way to small local schools, SpeedPro clients trust that their products are being printed with the latest equipment and materials. We also improve our product line to keep up with the latest trends. A great example is smart signage for contactless experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a SpeedPro owner, you’ll get the benefit of our constantly updated knowledge. This allows you to adapt your business to stay on the cutting edge and provide only the best to your customers.

Decades of expertise

The first SpeedPro Signs business opened in 1992 in Canada, and the company shifted to digital printing in 2001, and opened in Texas in 2003. This means that SpeedPro has decades of experience in the wide-format digital printing industry.

This level of expertise gives our customers a sense of security. They trust that we’ll find the best solution for their needs every time they turn to one of our studios. Every SpeedPro owner gets to capitalize on our long-held reputation in the industry and use our decades of experience.

High-quality product line

One of SpeedPro’s core values is delivering the best possible quality on every project. Our quality standards ensure that each piece we print and install—whether it’s a window graphic or vehicle wrap—is something our customers will be proud of.

Not every print shop does large-format graphics and signage, but we do. Customers understand that working with SpeedPro gives them access to harder-to-find wide-format print pieces that are printed to perfection. And, not only do we design and print the products, but we also offer expert installation. Our quality and end-to-end solutions make us a valuable resource for customers large and small.

Partnership approach

At SpeedPro, our clients aren’t merely buyers—they are partners. Our studios operate as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams, digging deep into their goals and needs to perfect their latest print projects.

This partnership approach requires a lot of collaboration, but it results in a better product and a happier customer. It’s no wonder so many customers return to SpeedPro for repeat wide-format printing needs!

Additionally, every SpeedPro franchise owner shares the same core values as both our corporate office and our customers—top-quality products and professional service. It doesn’t matter the size of the project or the client’s volume. We deliver the same great service to each and every customer, with a focus on professionalism and satisfaction.

Build your client base with SpeedPro

When you open a SpeedPro studio, you get access to the systems and solutions our brand has used to serve client needs for over two decades. Our competitive advantages make for a lucrative business model that both owners and customers benefit from. Interested in learning more about SpeedPro? Fill out our contact form today to get started!

How to Hire and Manage for Success

August 13, 2021

SpeedPro studios typically don’t require a large staff to operate. New franchises often open with two or three staff members, aside from you, the owner. No matter the size of your staff, you’ll need reliable employees who are capable of delivering top-quality customer service to keep your studio running.

Regardless of whether you’re managing a staff of two or seven, here are some tips to help you attract the right people to your growing SpeedPro franchise.

Maintain a social media presence

Because SpeedPro is a B2B business, it’s likely that some potentially great candidates have never heard of our brand and what we do. As with just about any business in any industry, social media is one of the best ways to get the word out about products and services you provide. It’s also a great way to introduce people to your company culture and the people who make it happen behind the scenes—you and your staff!

Your social media presence is a valuable tool for sharing open positions. You shouldn’t rely on job boards or search engines alone. The more eyes that see your postings, the more likely you are to attract the right talent for your studio.

Take advantage of ongoing support

With its nationwide presence, SpeedPro provides a strong support system to draw from as a franchisee. You’ll always have access to initial and ongoing support and training to promote the growth of your location. When hiring new employees, take advantage of SpeedPro’s job description templates and use them as a guide to find the right talent for your studio.

You can also leverage the knowledge of other franchisees who’ve been in the same situation as you. Forge relationships with other owners, especially those who are close to your territory. Perhaps these owners have employees that are moving and would like to stay with the company. Maybe they have expert advice on what to look for as you’re hiring. It’s always helpful to network, and other SpeedPro franchisees are eager to help their cohorts succeed. It’s one of the best benefits of investing in our franchise opportunity!

hire and manage a franchise employee team

Delegate responsibilities effectively

It takes a small, tight-knit team to run a SpeedPro studio efficiently and effectively. Your small staff will support your operations by doing the things you simply can’t do by yourself. This means you need to be able to delegate everyday tasks to your staff in an effective way. Successfully delegating responsibilities will take some of the burden of daily operations off your shoulders while providing employees with a greater sense of importance.

Strategic delegation is a great way to make employees feel as though they have a personal stake in the success of your operation. This can help you develop loyalty from your staff and create a winning team-based environment that raises everyone up while contributing to your bottom line.

You simply can’t go it alone if you want to be successful in the large-format printing industry. SpeedPro offers franchisees an abundance of resources, including ongoing training and support. But, you need a competent and dedicated staff to ensure that clients get the excellent customer service they deserve. Your team and that you have the flexibility you need to adapt to rapid changes in the industry.

Although you’ll start with a small team, you have the freedom to hire more staff and grow as you continue to bring on new clients. One of the key advantages of SpeedPro ownership is scalability. With a dedicated team, you can successfully achieve growth at a pace that you’re comfortable with. Contact us today to learn more about franchising with SpeedPro.

How is Large-Format Printing Recession-Resistant?

July 29, 2021

Many hopeful entrepreneurs are now searching for recession-resistant investment opportunities that can weather unexpected economic challenges, including an economic recession. While investing in a new franchise is always an important decision, it might feel even more daunting after an incredibly unpredictable year.

Despite economic downturns, the large-scale print industry continues to remain strong, providing innovative products. Here are some of the reasons why a large-format printing business like SpeedPro is a great recession-resistant business concept.

Recession-proof products

One of the main reasons large-format printing businesses are recession-resistant is because they sell products that are still needed throughout economic downturns. Advertising as a whole withstands economic challenges—as long as businesses exist, there will be a need for effective advertising!

Banners, large signs and window graphics are temporary advertising solutions that are ideal for a wide variety of essential businesses, including grocery stores, hardware shops and more. Even manufacturing plants utilize high-quality printed banners to showcase new changes in operations or to advertise their products. It’s been shown that advertisers and businesses that maintain or grow their ad spending often increase overall sales both during and after a recession.

It takes SpeedPro’s state-of-the-art large-format equipment and printing technology to create dynamic signage that sells, inspires and informs. In short, the printed material that can only be produced at SpeedPro locations is recession-resistant in and of itself, helping businesses market helpful products and services that people still very much need in spite of a challenging economic climate.

Cost-effective advertising opportunities

While advertising as a whole can generally weather the storm through economic downturns, businesses should be smart about their ad spend. One of the most effective ways to advertise is mobile advertising on cars, trucks and other vehicles. On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions—that’s an amazing return on investment! When companies are looking to trim their ad budget but increase exposure, vehicle wraps are ideal!

SpeedPro’s large-format printing capabilities make quick work of any vehicle wrap project—we often cover entire fleets in our wraps. Our franchises are at the cutting edge of advertising, which is just another way our franchisees are able to generate revenue.

Operate as an essential business

Many B2B businesses are designated as “essential” businesses. B2B businesses support the operation of other businesses, and that includes the printing industry. SpeedPro locations are classified as an essential business. This designation is another safeguard against the effects of future economic downturns, giving our franchisees peace of mind they can continue their operations during in unprecedented situations.

Some businesses that are poised to succeed in spite of harsh economic conditions. The large-format printing industry is an excellent example of one of those businesses. By producing a high-quality product that’s both effective and affordable, SpeedPro owners support the success of other local businesses, even when the overall economy fluctuates.

Many franchisees find that owning a SpeedPro is win for themselves in terms of steady work, and a win for businesses who use our products and services. Interested in making a profit while you help your community? Reach out today to learn how you can do just that with your own SpeedPro location.

B2B Franchises Offer a Lucrative Opportunity to Business Owners

July 21, 2021

While the B2C (business-to-consumer) side of franchising gets a lot of attention, there’s an entire B2B (business-to-business) market that can be incredibly lucrative for franchise owners in certain industries—especially the print and advertising sector. At SpeedPro, our strong B2B relationships lay the foundation for a profitable business.

If you’re investing in a B2B franchise like SpeedPro, here are some of the key reasons you can generate stable profits through long-term relationships with other businesses.

B2B franchises have less competition

In terms of competition, the B2B market is significantly less competitive than B2C, simply because there are far few major players in the game. The business market is saturated with B2C companies, so entrepreneurs looking to invest in B2B opportunities find that it’s easier to establish relationships with clients that go far beyond a single transaction.

SpeedPro franchisees, specifically, know that they can hit the ground running. We provide incredible product quality that businesses won’t find anywhere else and reliable long-term partnerships, which keeps them coming back for more.

SpeedPro Totowa (NJ) recently provided exterior graphics for the new Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

B2B franchises have high customer retention

When a business finds a vendor they like, they tend to stick with them over time because of the consistent quality, prices and established relationship. This often means that B2B franchises benefit from greater customer retention.

Businesses also know that they need to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. One key way they accomplish this is through dynamic advertising. SpeedPro franchisees enjoy high customer retention with the businesses they serve, primarily because those businesses have constantly changing advertising needs. There aren’t too many competitors who can handle large-format printing at the scale and quality you’ll find at SpeedPro! In other words, when you invest in your very own SpeedPro location, significant repeat business from your most valuable clients–other businesses–is often the “norm.”

B2B franchises withstand changing trends

Supply and demand in the B2C world generally follow shifting trends among customers. B2C businesses have to respond to these changing trends in order to stay competitive. However, in the B2B world, this is less of an issue. Businesses generally have standard needs that don’t change as frequently over time.

For B2B companies like SpeedPro, this stability is invaluable. You’ll know what to expect in terms of your workflow and profitability, since the businesses you serve will typically have the same goals, needs and operations.

B2B franchises are essential businesses

If there’s anything 2020 has shown business owners, it’s that you always need to prepare for the unexpected. The economic shutdown due to the global pandemic affected businesses large and small in a wide variety of industries. Businesses with a “non-essential” designation had to close or suspend operations, while businesses deemed “essential” could continue operations while making adjustments to conform with pandemic response protocol. Many B2B franchises have an “essential” designation, including businesses that support the operation of other businesses—that includes the printing industry.

What does that mean for a SpeedPro franchise? It means that you can continue your operations no matter what global challenges may arise in the future. You’re able to continuously contribute to your community and provide for yourself, even at times when the world is unpredictable.

Investing in a franchise is a big deal, whether it serves the B2B, B2C or a combination of the two. SpeedPro is a leader in technology and innovation in large-format printing, and other businesses know it. Our franchisees make an impact in their local business community and develop long-term relationships that result in stable income. Want to discover how a B2B business like SpeedPro is a smart investment? Reach out today to get started!

Discover the Many Benefits of SpeedPro Ownership

June 16, 2021

Cost and experience are two important factors to consider when determining whether a franchise opportunity is right for you. However, examining the benefits a brand has to offer is just as important—and way more fun!

At SpeedPro, one of the nation’s leading wide-format printing providers, becoming an owner unlocks a host of exciting benefits that allow you to find joy both inside and outside of work. We aim to ensure SpeedPro is not just a job but an enriching business opportunity that positions franchisees for success. Check out some of the biggest benefits we offer our owners.

High profit margins

Operating a SpeedPro studio not only provides the opportunity for diverse client verticals and repeat business—it also delivers high profit margins. The cost of goods for many of our large-format products, like banners, is relatively inexpensive thanks to national vendor pricing. This leaves more money in your pocket at the end of the day. On average, SpeedPro franchises have an estimated 68% gross profit margin (per 2021 FDD Item 19).

Great work-life balance

Many entrepreneurs turn to franchise systems as a way to gain greater control over their schedules. SpeedPro gives owners ample opportunities to set their own hours and spend time on the things that truly matter.

Because SpeedPro is solely a B2B light manufacturing operation, studios run on non-retail hours to align with local businesses. Owners enjoy evenings and weekends off to spend time with family and work on their passions and hobbies.

Even better, there’s no long-distance travel involved. You’ll work with local companies to complete their print projects, leaving you with more time to spend at home.

Grow at your own pace

When you first open your SpeedPro studio, you’re able to operate the business with few employees to start. As you bring on new clients, you have the freedom to hire more staff and grow as large as you desire.

This alleviates some of the stress owners might feel when launching a new business, providing more stability and the opportunity for expansion when you’re ready. Growth is completely possible, but you’ll be able to achieve it at a pace you’re comfortable with.

High Net Promoter Score

A brand’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS) uses surveys to measure customer experience and predict business growth. In a past NPS survey of SpeedPro customers across the country, our brand received an NPS of 95%!

That score is quite high for the industry, and it’s even higher than many popular brands like Nordstrom’s. Our NPS just goes to show how much SpeedPro customers value our studios’ professionalism, high-quality products and reliability. No wonder our brand is known for repeat business!

Consistently growing industry

Investing in a business means investing in the industry behind it. SpeedPro owners get the benefit of being part of an industry that has experienced consistent year-over-year growth. Organizations are turning to large-format printing more often for Great. Big. Graphics. that grab customers’ attention.

The global large-format printer market is projected to grow to $11.2 billion by 2025. SpeedPro owners are able to capitalize on this growth by providing local businesses with high-quality wall murals, window graphics, vehicle wraps and other wide-format print products.

Stay on the cutting edge

For 20 years, SpeedPro has served as a leader in technology and innovation within the large-format printing industry. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, equipment and training as the industry evolves.

This is a win for everyone. Our customers benefit from the latest in high-quality printing methods—meaning better products—and our franchisees benefit from consistent training and the sales our industry-leading processes draw in.

If these benefits sound appealing, investing in a SpeedPro studio might be right for you! Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities.

SpeedPro Has Partners – Not Clients

June 1, 2021

Without customers, no business would succeed. However, at SpeedPro, we don’t view our customers as single-interaction clients. Instead, our business model relies on strong long-term relationships with customer partners who turn to us for repeat large-format printing projects.

Because these partnerships are so vital to your studio’s success, our business is a great match for franchisees who are skilled at networking and take pride in building business relationships. Take a closer look at what we mean when we say we have partners, not clients.

Pat and Charmane DelBrocco – Franchisees in Florida – know the value of relationship-building!

Relationships are the foundation of our business

SpeedPro’s customers span the B2B market, from local small businesses to large corporations to universities and everything in between. These organizations have the potential to become repeat clients, returning for new large-format print products for annual events, rebrands and more. Relationship building is important with each sale to encourage businesses to return.

However, two of our major client segments are even more relationship-oriented, with SpeedPro serving as a true strategic partner in their operations. Small-format printers are some of our greatest partners because our services do not compete with theirs. SpeedPro can be a white-label partner of these businesses, expanding their product lines and driving your revenue. After building relationships with small-format printers in your area, you’ll benefit from ongoing business from their clients who are in need of large-format products they don’t offer.

Advertising and event agencies are also natural partners of SpeedPro. The role we serve in this segment is that of a vendor, providing wholesale print products for the agencies’ pool of clients. In doing so, SpeedPro increases the value of both businesses’ offerings.

Both of these types of partnerships are mutually beneficial. Small-format printers are able to offer a larger suite of products to their clients without investing in large-format printers themselves. Event agencies are able to please clients by providing them seamless design and printing experiences. And, SpeedPro benefits from diversified revenue streams, access to existing pools of clients and repeat business that helps your studio grow.

Over time, these strong partnerships will allow your studio to scale, bringing more opportunities your way and allowing you to have an even greater impact in your area—whether that’s by working with new customers or expanding your product line.

Building long-term relationships with all customers—from agencies to educational institutions—allows you to discover their printing needs and deliver innovative solutions that meet them. This is one of the reasons SpeedPro customers return to studios again and again. Our owners take the time to understand their goals and work with them as a partner—not just a provider.

SpeedPro owners excel at networking and relationship building

SpeedPro owners don’t spend their days operating machinery and installing vehicle wraps. Instead, they are the face of their business, networking with prospective clients and proposing solutions to land the sale. Naturally, this means our owners are both business-minded and relationship-oriented.

In order to secure new customers, SpeedPro owners must be outgoing and understand where to look to find potential partners. Of course, customers want to feel understood and supported, especially when they’re investing in large-format print products that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people. They don’t merely want you to sell something—they want to make sure your vision and goals are aligned. The ability to connect with customers, forge those deep relationships and build trust in your partnership are necessary components of SpeedPro ownership.

Do you consider yourself a natural at helping people as a solutions provider? You might be an excellent contender for SpeedPro ownership! Reach out today to learn more about our franchise opportunities and how you can put your relationship-building skills to good use.

SpeedPro Financials: Understanding this Awesome Investment Opportunity

May 26, 2021

Part of making a smart investment in a franchise is examining the numbers—comparing initial investment to earnings potential and the potential for growth. Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in SpeedPro, the nation’s leading B2B large-format printing franchise, are often delighted to learn just how great of an investment opportunity it can be.

Now more than ever, SpeedPro provides a lucrative business model that can propel owners to success. With a relatively low initial investment cost and high profit margins in a growing industry, SpeedPro truly offers “Great. Big. Opportunity.” From new studios and resales to conversion and bolt-on business opportunities, SpeedPro has multiple ways to get on the ownership track.

How much does it cost to get started?

SpeedPro’s initial investment is competitive for the industry and is accessible to many business owners thanks to attainable financing options like SBA loans and 401(k) Rollovers.

On average, investing in the SpeedPro business model and building out your studio costs between $207,100 – $299,150*. This investment includes things like:

  • $49,500 franchise fee* – discounted fee offered to Veterans
  • Minimum $45,000 working capital*
  • $20,000 initial marketing fee*
  • $103,110 all-inclusive startup package*
  • $5,000 miscellaneous fees*

This initial investment covers everything you need to get your studio up and running, including preliminary lead generation and digital marketing, SpeedPro training and resources, studio furniture, production equipment and more.

What’s the earning potential for a SpeedPro owner?

One of the biggest things that sets SpeedPro apart is our nearly unparalleled gross profit margin. Because the cost of goods for large-format signs, window graphics and vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive, SpeedPro owners have the potential to make great profits. The average gross profit margin of the top 25% of SpeedPro owners is 68%*!

In terms of earning potential, the top 25% average gross sales is $963,462, and the average owner’s discretionary profit is $272,777*. It’s clear that SpeedPro opens the door for profitable business. Owners just need to remain driven to building local relationships and delivering top-quality service.

Why invest in SpeedPro?

Aside from the raw numbers, there are a few other things that make SpeedPro attractive to aspiring business owners looking for great earnings potential.

  • Low overhead: SpeedPro studios can be operated with low overhead from the start. Most studios begin with just two employees and are able to scale over time to meet the needs of the business. Paired with a wide range of potential clients, this offers you unlimited scalability.
  • Ability to earn revenue early: The SpeedPro Kickstart Program creates the opportunity to earn revenue before your studio even opens! This program helps you network in your local community and build business relationships right away, so you can generate revenue before your studio gets into full swing.
  • Growing industry: The large-format printing industry is distinct from other printing types like small-format flyers and business cards. Companies are increasingly focused on drawing attention from customers, leading them to purchase large-format print products like window graphics and event banners. SpeedPro is the perfect franchise to capitalize on this growing pool of opportunity. Additionally, SpeedPro is well-positioned to meet market needs after COVID-19 and the high demand for updated business/safety signage.
  • Diversified client verticals: Diversified B2B client verticals offer abundant revenue opportunities for SpeedPro success in your region. Your studio can choose to target small businesses, large corporations, educational systems, healthcare systems, event venues, trade show companies, ad agencies and so much more. The sheer number of potential clients opens the door for multiple revenue streams and recurring business.

Owning a SpeedPro franchise allows you to set your own schedule and be your own boss, all while capitalizing on immense potential for financial success. Interested in learning more? Fill out our contact form to inquire about joining our growing community of SpeedPro studio owners!

*Figures reflect 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

How SpeedPro Offers GREAT. BIG. GROWTH.

May 20, 2021

The ambition of a driven franchise owner knows no bounds. Many franchisees take pride in building their businesses to new heights. At SpeedPro, we give entrepreneurs the chance to expand as much as they want within their market through seemingly endless business opportunities and a wide range of client verticals.

The SpeedPro business model is exclusively B2B, but that doesn’t mean our client segments are limited! Our product line is ideal for all kinds of businesses—from churches and schools to major corporations and universities. SpeedPro studio owners target three main client segments, each of which encompasses a large number of businesses to whom you can sell your services.

If you’re a determined entrepreneur looking for GREAT. BIG. GROWTH., here’s how SpeedPro can help you achieve it.

Client segment 1: Small-format printers

The SpeedPro product line includes exclusively large-format print projects, including window and floor graphics, wall murals, event banners, vehicle wraps and tradeshow signage. This means that we’re not a threat to small-format printers that provide clients with things like business cards, brochures and flyers. Instead, our products are complimentary to those print businesses, creating ample opportunity for business partnerships.

By partnering with small-format printers in the area and serving as a white-label provider of large-format print products, SpeedPro franchise owners can capitalize on existing client bases and revenue streams from those businesses. This makes small-format print partnerships a great starting point for many new franchisees before they’re able to build up their own roster of independent clients.

Small-format printers trust SpeedPro because of our in-depth expertise and industry experience—not to mention our excellent product quality and customer satisfaction.

Client segment 2: Advertising & event agencies

The ability to forge and maintain business-to-business partnerships makes SpeedPro an excellent vendor for other client-facing service providers, too. Our print studios are natural wholesale partners to event planners, advertising agencies and marketing and design firms because we can deliver consistently high-quality print products to their clients.

Much like with small-format printers, partnering with advertising and event agencies allows our owners to tap into existing pools of clients and benefit from established, trusted relationships. By serving as a provider to these agencies’ clients, SpeedPro franchises benefit from repeat business and diversified revenue streams. 

Client segment 3: Businesses & corporations

Finally, SpeedPro owners excel at forming direct relationships with corporate marketing departments and independent businesses to meet their large-format printing needs. There are seemingly endless opportunities in this client segment. Any business or corporation in your market—whether it’s a small, family-owned business, a Fortune 500 company, a university or even a government agency—is a potential client. Better yet, a large portion of these clients need multiple projects over time, providing SpeedPro franchise owners with repeat business.

By networking in your area, you can build a diverse pool of clients that turn to you directly for all the large-format print products they require. As companies continue to compete for consumer attention and look for branding opportunities, the printing products SpeedPro has to offer will only become more important.

Unlimited scalability awaits

The SpeedPro business model allows franchise owners to scale their operation naturally as their business grows. As you build your client roster, you can hire more employees and invest in more equipment to take on more and more projects. And, we help franchisees grow from a single location with the ability to sell nationally.

With the large-format print industry growing at an exponential pace and your studio equipped for scalability from day one, the sky is the limit when it comes to how big your impact can be!

If you’re an ambitious, relationship-driven entrepreneur, SpeedPro might be the perfect opportunity for you. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our business model and the Great. Big. Growth. that awaits you!