2015 speedpro imaging rookies of the year

SpeedPro is a national leader in the signs and graphics industry and continues to experience large amounts of growth. During their first year of business, SpeedPro franchisees are eligible to be selected for the Rookie of the Year award. For 2015, co-owners of SpeedPro Northern Virginia won the award after bringing in the highest gross sales number—over $260,000 in revenue during their first year after opening. Owners Roman Blazauskas and Shawn Flaherty were excited to receive the award and attributed their success to SpeedPro’s exceptional support, the team’s hard work, and the beginning of strong community ties. SpeedPro Northern Virginia has already joined local chambers of commerce and become involved in local charities. With backgrounds in accounting and public relations, the Rookie of the Year award-winners were intrigued by the business opportunities SpeedPro provided.

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