3 Simple Tips to Hire the Best Talent for Your Large-Format Printing Franchise

SpeedPro franchisees can run a solid, profitable large-format printing studio with just two or three employees. Hiring good talent is important for any business, but for a business with only three employees, it is absolutely critical to hire the best team members. With a low necessary employee count built into our model, we’ve perfected the process for hiring the best talent.

“We don’t have a model that requires 15-16 people, so the onus is on the business owner to hire the best of the best,” said Zack Meade, SpeedPro Head of Business Training & Consulting. “That’s why we teach franchise owners how to make the right decisions, hire the right people and build a culture that encourages them to stay.”

All of our new studio owners go through extensive training, which includes a full day of training on recruitment, culture, leadership, retention and onboarding. The tips we provide to our large-format printing franchise owners for hiring and retaining top talent include:

Start with an Appealing Job Description

Finding the right employees starts with having the right job description. Job specs serve as an advertisement for not only the job but also for the business as a whole. So, how the job description is written matters!

A thorough, appealing job description helps studio owners attract better talent. Job specs should describe the skill requirements and expectations for the job, as well as reflect the company’s culture in order to draw in candidates.

“Culture and environment is a competitive advantage,” said Zack.

Look for the Right Attitude

When interviewing candidates, it is important to get to know potential hires and find out if they are a good culture fit. Interview questions should be prepared in a way that encourages the candidate to speak about their attitude – how they respond to tight deadlines, how they react under pressure, etc. Franchise owners should reinforce their culture, mission and vision and properly test job candidates to help identify the right talent and minimize the risk of making a bad hire.

“The number one thing to look for in a prospective employee is attitude,” said Zack. “Hard skills of the job can be taught, but I can’t teach resilience and attitude.”

Offer Comprehensive, Creative Benefits Packages

In order to attract the best talent – and keep them – business owners must offer appealing compensation and benefits packages. But that said, compensation and benefits don’t always just mean salary and healthcare. Franchise owners can get creative by offering additional benefits such as subsidizing the cost for a long commute or paying for Netflix subscriptions for staff.

“I encourage my owners to ask people what’s important to them,” said Zack. “Not having a one-size-fits-all benefits package and being flexible is a potential difference-maker.”

Creative benefits offerings make your business stand out in a competitive job market, and are appealing to younger generations who would gladly sacrifice revenue to be happier at work.

At SpeedPro, we are dedicated to helping our franchisees hire top talent and build a supportive, fun company culture for their employees.

“In our best studios, their staff is like a second family to them,” Zack said.

Are you interested in a franchise with a low number of necessary employees, lower fixed-rate costs and creative company culture? Contact us today to learn more about the SpeedPro franchise opportunity.