Bonding through business: husband-and-wife speedpro imaging owners fall in love with working together

There’s a quote from Confucius that says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s certainly the case for the more than 130 SpeedPro owners who are living their life to the fullest every day. As we acknowledge Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of romance, SpeedPro is highlighting studio owners who are not only doing what they love, but are doing it with the person they love.

Rand and Lorna Scherff are among nearly four million “co-preneurs” – married couples who are in business together. The pair has owned SpeedPro of North OC in Tustin, California for the last eight years. Lorna says the business partnership boiled down to a matter of convenience.

“Since we hardly spent much time together during the day, Rand thought it would be nice to have us build a business together,” says Lorna. “We talked about not being afraid to go outside our comfort zones, not being afraid to take the financial risk. And to hire the best individuals to accomplish the job because we didn’t want to have to produce the products ourselves.”

It’s one thing in life to go into business with partners, such as colleagues, friends, or other like-minded individuals. But to go into business ownership with your spouse can sometimes be a risky proposition. Add to a marriage the stresses and rigors of business ownership, and it’s easy to understand the risks involved. It’s certainly a labor of love for the Scherffs, who will celebrate 23 years of marriage this May.

“It can be challenging at times, as far as trying not to talk about business when we are at home,” says Lorna. “But as far as working together, for the most part, we do fairly well. Rand has his strengths, and so do I. Obviously, many tasks are done together.”

The Scherffs began courting entrepreneurship after Rand retired as plant manager, a role he held for his entire professional life. “We considered a frozen treat restaurant and a portable storage facility,” says Lorna. The couple ultimately determined that SpeedPro was the perfect fit because, as Lorna explained, it seemed like the easiest business to get off the ground.

Like many relationships, there are some growing pains. The Scherffs experienced that early on as they got their SpeedPro studio up and running. “We did not have a single client, business, or even friend to sell to when we opened our doors,” says Lorna.

Their love for one another, and a desire to succeed, helped the Scherffs persevere. These eight years have served as an important lesson about business. Lorna says they have also taught them about the strength of their marriage.

“Since we are together a good deal of the time, it seems we have a strong tolerance for each other,” she says. “We actually enjoy working together. Now, there are times we disagree, but we move forward quickly and get the solution figured out.”

Patience and persistence are what the Scherffs lean on to get through tough times. Those, and faith. “I am a firm believer in God and know that He is guiding me through these moments of doubt,” Lorna says.

The Scherffs’ love for one another has never been stronger. And they’re still loving working together as the successful owners of their SpeedPro of North OC studio. It’s a work in progress, and an adventure that they’re enjoying together.

“Set your ego aside and realize no one person is always right,” Lorna advises. She adds, “You must not be faint of heart; it’s tough out here. Don’t expect instant success. You will work harder than you ever have.”

As the saying goes, “Love is worth fighting for.”