Booming Print Opportunities in Construction Advertising

One of the main benefits of a versatile franchise business like SpeedPro is the vast array of customer segments at your fingertips. Large-format printing is applicable to almost every industry—it’s not just about retail or commercial interiors. One major market that relies on SpeedPro’s GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. is the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector.

From blueprints to vehicle wraps to safety signage, AEC companies have high demand for the quality products SpeedPro delivers. The booming construction and real estate industry creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the large-format printing business.

Growth in the AEC sector creates new opportunities

The architecture, engineering and construction sectors are booming. In almost every city across the country, you’re sure to find an active construction project of some kind—from large residential buildings, to bustling retail centers, to improvements on busy highways and bridges. Most importantly, construction volume keeps growing.

Where there’s construction work, there are large-format graphics. Construction crews, architects and engineers rely on printing partners who can create a variety of products for their projects. Their signs and planning documents need to withstand inclement weather, be printed with pristine clarity and include eye-catching designs.

Business partners like SpeedPro are poised to deliver the flexibility and customization essential for their success—whether they’re advertising or on the job. Our products are adaptable and come in an extensive range of materials, sizes and finishes.

Additionally, SpeedPro serves as an important ongoing partner to AEC companies. The construction sector is evergreen and cyclical. New projects are always in the works. Designers, engineers and contractors make excellent repeat business partners as they complete projects and move onto the next. SpeedPro franchisees can learn the unique needs of these companies and apply them over time, making future projects more efficient and securing ongoing sales.

SpeedPro’s products meet varied needs in the construction industry

The AEC sector has vast large-format printing needs on and off the job site. Between the many products needed and growth in the industry, SpeedPro Studios face a ton of opportunity!

Consider the various ways SpeedPro can help serve AEC businesses.

Project design and presentation

Large prints are essential for visualizing complex architectural designs, engineering schematics and blueprints. They help architects, engineers, contractors and field workers communicate and collaborate more easily, while minimizing errors and misunderstandings.

When construction begins, contractors will also rely on wide-format construction documents with detailed floor plans, elevations, sections and site maps.

High-quality, large-format prints of renderings, models and completed projects are often used in marketing and presentations. These documents are particularly important during the project approval stage, making strong impacts on potential clients, investors and the community.

On-site signage

Large-format printing is used to create safety signs, hazard warnings and construction site maps to promote a safe working environment while construction is underway. These signs can be found outside and in the middle of active building sites.

Many designers and contractors will also erect informative banners outside their construction sites to inform passersby about their projects. These large signs often showcase both the upcoming development and the project teams’ branding, for advertising purposes.

Not only are large print sizes required for these signs, but durable materials are, too. Special inks and substrates are resistant to fading, smudging and moisture, making the signs suitable for harsh environments exposed to the elements.

Branding and advertising

Architects, engineers and contractors are always looking for new jobs—but the market is rife with competition. Advertising is a critical piece of their sales process, and they often use large-format printing to attract clients.

Designers might commission large banners and exterior signage to display their branding and designs. These graphics must be bold, big and crisp to accurately portray their designs and make an impression on potential customers.

Construction crews often use high-quality vehicle wraps to advertise on their fleet. Whether parked at the job site or driving around town, these wraps advertise their services to other clients in the area.

Take advantage of growing markets with SpeedPro

Large-format printing is not just a supporting technology, but a critical part of the AEC industry’s success—especially during periods of growth. For SpeedPro Studio owners new and experienced, tapping into the construction industry can unlock an array of sales opportunities, both in the short- and long-term.

Are you ready to take the leap into large-format printing? SpeedPro’s franchise opportunity allows you to serve a wide variety of client verticals through a lean, low-overhead business model. Reach out today to learn more!