SpeedPro’s Commitment to Eco-Friendly Printing

The demand for eco-friendly printing solutions is on the rise. B2B and B2C customers both have enhanced their focus on green products and services in an effort to protect the environment—going so far as to pay a premium for eco-friendly alternatives. This trend is only expected to continue as consumers become even more environmentally conscious.

When you become a SpeedPro franchisee, you’ll be aligning yourself with a leader in the green printing movement. SpeedPro’s commitment to sustainability isn’t just a marketing message; it’s a core value underpinning everything we do. We provide our Studio owners with the tools and resources they need to successfully implement eco-friendly practices each and every day, creating a greener large-format printing industry in the process.

Why Eco-Friendly Printing Matters

Traditional printing processes can have a significant impact on the environment. Not every large-format product is recyclable, and waste is inevitable within the industry. However, when companies and clients both work toward eco-friendly alternatives, we can collectively reduce chemical and greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste contributed to landfills. Every step counts when it comes to creating a greener market!

There are several benefits of eco-friendly printing:

  • Businesses that switch to eco-friendly large-format products can significantly reduce their environmental footprint, making positive impacts on both humans and the planet as a whole.
  • Going green can also be a smart business decision. Consumers look for businesses that align with their values. Eco-friendliness and responsible marketing can translate to sales.

By offering eco-friendly printing options, SpeedPro franchisees attract environmentally conscious clients and help them build a strong brand reputation. Our sustainable printing solutions benefit our clients and their clients, creating a trickle-down effect of eco-friendliness.

SpeedPro Has a Green Printing Advantage

SpeedPro takes sustainability seriously. We understand the importance of minimizing our environmental impact while still delivering high-quality printing solutions. That’s why we invest significant time, funds and energy into discovering the latest green printing tech on the market.

While we can’t solve every sustainability challenge in the large-format printing industry, SpeedPro aims to offer our clients alternatives that align with their budget, vision and desired result.

To that end, there are several ways SpeedPro Studio owners lead the way in eco-friendly, large-format printing.

  • Greener inks: We utilize cutting-edge inks that are better for the environment. Several types of inks, such as soy-based and UV-curative inks, emit significantly lower VOCs compared to traditional solvent-based inks. This reduces air pollution and creates a healthier working environment for both our employees and our Studios’ clients.
  • Innovative printing technologies: SpeedPro is constantly investing in new printing technologies to minimize waste and energy consumption. This might include printing processes that use less ink and emit fewer harmful emissions with each print. Additionally, we explore energy-efficient printers that reduce overall operating costs while minimizing Studios’ environmental impact. SpeedPro partners with the leading printer companies like RICOH and Cannon who also have a commitment to sustainability to install their printers in our Studios..
  • Eco-friendly substrates: Traditional PVC-based vinyl and foam boards are hazardous to the environment when they’re discarded by clients. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of eco-friendly substrates for clients to choose from. This includes materials made from recycled content, such as plastics and paper. Other products like Falconboard are great alternatives to foam boards. SpeedPro franchisees also provide biodegradable, FSC-certified wood products, which are sourced from responsibly managed forests.
  • Recycling options: Many of the substrates SpeedPro Studios print on are recyclable themselves—but the onus is on consumers to dispose of them correctly. To ensure these products don’t end up in landfills, we offer free graphics recycling to our customers. SpeedPro also recycles over 90 percent of the waste our Studios produce.

Enjoy and Share the Benefits of Green Printing

The future of printing is green, and SpeedPro is at the forefront of this movement. Our technological investments have paved the way for a breadth of benefits within the large-format printing industry, from enhanced reputation to protecting employees’ health. On top of these benefits, SpeedPro Studio owners can realize cost savings thanks to reduced power use and less materials waste. Altogether, eco-friendliness helps everyone win!

By becoming a SpeedPro franchisee, you’ll be part of a growing community of businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment. You’ll also benefit from a strong brand reputation, access to innovative technologies and the support of a team that’s committed to your success.

Are you ready to be a leader in the sustainable printing revolution? Contact SpeedPro today to learn more about our franchise opportunity!