Explore Large Format Print’s Role in Event Marketing

Whether they’re trade shows, conferences, festivals or grand openings, events are dynamic platforms where organizations showcase their offerings and create lasting impressions. The industry is known for its ever-changing nature, its insatiable demand for graphics that grab attention, and the potential for long-lasting partnerships. All of these things make event marketing a fantastic source of revenue for SpeedPro Studio owners.

Events marketers’ demand for GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. make large-format printers indispensable in this field. Even better, Q4 is the perfect time to seize the event marketing opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s dive into how your Studio can make a big impact in the event marketing scene.


Events are powerful catalysts for businesses and organizations to engage with their audiences in immersive ways. They want to make a lasting impression—and large-format print products help them do that. For SpeedPro Studio owners, this industry holds a wealth of opportunities to not only showcase your printing prowess but also to become valuable partners.

In fact, SpeedPro franchisees are uniquely positioned to thrive in the world of event marketing. Here are several reasons why event marketing might be a boon to your large-format printing business.

  • Dynamic nature of rotating events: Events are not static. They come and go, creating a constant demand for eye-catching graphics and promotional materials. From one event to the next, organizations need fresh, attention-grabbing visuals to stand out in the crowd. The ever-changing event dynamic creates opportunity for consistent revenue.
  • Need for BIG graphics: Events demand visuals that are larger than life. Banners, posters, floor graphics, wall murals, vehicle wraps and more need to be bold and impactful to capture the attention of event attendees. Large-format printing is tailor-made for this purpose.
  • Opportunity for ongoing partnerships: Event planners, exhibitors and organizers need reliable partners who can deliver high-quality prints on time. By consistently meeting these demands, SpeedPro owners build long-lasting relationships with clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals.


Large-format printing is the driving force behind events of all kinds. As a SpeedPro Studio owner, it’s critical to understand how to leverage large-format printing in event marketing. Consider these popular event marketing product applications.

  • Banners and signage: Events rely heavily on banners and signage to encourage ticket sales, guide attendees, and promote brands. Whether it’s a towering outdoor banner or an elegant indoor display, large-format printing is the go-to solution for these attention-grabbing visuals.
  • Wall wraps and murals: Transforming ordinary spaces into immersive brand experiences is a hallmark of successful event marketing. Large-format wall wraps and murals can turn blank walls into engaging backdrops that tell a story or immerse attendees in a particular theme.
  • Floor graphics: The floor is a great canvas for event marketers. Floor graphics can lead attendees through a venue, highlight key areas or add a touch of whimsy to an event space.
  • Vehicle wraps: Events on the move, such as mobile marketing tours or parades, require attention-grabbing, and memorable, graphics on vehicles. Large-format vehicle wraps can turn ordinary vehicles into moving billboards that garner attention wherever they go.


While event marketing is a year-round endeavor, the fourth quarter (Q4) stands out as a particularly important period for both event planners and SpeedPro owners. Q4 is not just a time for seasonal celebrations; it’s also a prime season for event marketing. Event planners are diligently crafting their budgets for the upcoming year, and the need for large-format print products is on the rise.

Q4 hosts a blend of festivities and celebrations that increase print demand. From holiday parties and expos to product launches and year-end galas, event planners recognize the potential of Q4 to engage audiences during a time of heightened consumer activity.

Another critical aspect of Q4 is the meticulous planning that occurs as organizations prepare for the upcoming year. Event planners allocate budgets for their events well in advance. This budgeting process is a prime opportunity for SpeedPro owners to connect with clients and secure contracts for future projects.

By proactively reaching out to event planners during Q4, franchisees can position themselves as trusted partners ready to bring their creative visions to life. Building these relationships during the budgeting phase increases the likelihood of securing lucrative contracts for large-format printing services.


If your region has a strong event marketing scene, it pays to build relationships with local event marketers. Soon, your Studio might be known as the go-to provider for large-format event products, offering an ongoing stream of revenue and repeat business.

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