Who is the Ideal SpeedPro Franchisee?

SpeedPro studio owners across the nation come from a wide variety of backgrounds. You don’t need printing experience to be successful in our franchise model! Instead, we look for a few key traits in prospective franchisees that let us know you’ll be a driven, creative and collaborative owner.

If you’re considering investing in your own SpeedPro studio, take a look at the characteristics of our ideal franchisee.


First and foremost, SpeedPro studio owners must be great leaders. Whether your team stays small or multiplies over the years, your staff will need a leader they trust and respect. Our ideal franchisee has good leadership skills, is able to manage a team of employees, and works diligently to keep the studio running smoothly.


Experience in printing isn’t required to own a SpeedPro, but business experience is very important. In order for your studio to be successful, you need to have some experience in sales and business operations. You should understand what it takes to keep a business profitable and be prepared to make the “tough decisions” that help it flourish.

One key characteristic is the ability to seek out relationship-building opportunities like the chamber, civic organizations, and the like, and use these relationships to build your business over time. As a business-to-business (B2B) franchise model, not a business-to-consumer (B2C) model, our owners routinely meet with presidents, executive, directors, managers and more to understand their needs and how SpeedPro can exceed their expectations.

Problem solver

SpeedPro doesn’t just provide a service to clients. We create solutions. Therefore, problem-solving abilities are necessary on all levels of the business. Not only will you need to direct your team to solve problems to meet customers’ needs, you’ll also need to solve problems to keep your business running.

SpeedPro owners are a tightly-connected network of like-minded peers, and this network proactively seeks to help its owners when a need arises. Need a special substrate and your supplier is out of stock? Contact another studio owner who can help.


Creative products require creative thinkers! SpeedPro owners need to lead the charge in terms of creativity in order to deliver top-notch service to customers. From product suggestions to professional installation, thinking outside of the box for unique solutions sets SpeedPro apart.


Running a business can be challenging. SpeedPro owners need tenacity and drive in order to overcome hurdles and build a thriving studio. No matter what business ownership throws at you, you should be ready to push through to the other side!


Although most SpeedPro studios open with a small staff and few clients, the goal is to grow. The large-format printing industry is growing at an exponential pace, and driven owners have the ability to grow along with it! Our ideal franchisee will be able to set goals for growth and implement strategies to achieve them.

Invests in the business

The investment you make when you first buy your SpeedPro studio is only step one. After that day, you should be making consistent investments in the business to help it grow and stay profitable. These investments are not only monetary—investments of time and energy are also critical to the SpeedPro way. This is not a “set it and forget it” type of venture!

Amiable and approachable

A big part of running a SpeedPro studio is networking and meeting with potential clients. For this reason, SpeedPro franchisees must be amiable and pleasant to work with. If you’re a “people person,” the day-to-day operation of your studio will be much easier and more successful!


At SpeedPro, we like to say we don’t merely provide a product—we build partnerships with customers. Our studios serve as an extension of our customers’ marketing and advertising teams, helping them find the perfect solution to their print and signage problems. SpeedPro owners must excel at working as part of a team and collaborating with their internal staff and clients to get the job done.

Follows the model

The SpeedPro model has been perfected over decades to position each and every studio for success. Using our training, tools, recommended equipment and streamlined processes, owners without a shred of printing experience can build a mini empire in their region.

Owners do get the freedom to grow their SpeedPro studio in the direction they choose—for example, targeting certain customer segments. However, we expect each owner to rely on the built-in operational model we provide when you’re serving clients.

The SpeedPro franchise opportunity is a great fit for entrepreneurs who love networking with clients, developing relationships and staying on the cutting edge. Between your skills and experience and our proven business model, you’ll be prepared to serve your territory in exciting ways!

If you’re interested in becoming a SpeedPro studio owner, fill out our contact form online. A representative will be in touch to get you started on the journey to ownership!