speedpro franchisee in marin featured for success

Running a successful business is no easy task. For Steve Moran-Cassese, principal of SpeedPro Marin, his strong work ethic, business background, and smart people choices have all contributed to his success as a SpeedPro franchisee. Steve makes sure to carve out time to focus on the business, setting goals and constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the store trajectory. On top of that, Steve knows that exceptional customer service is a huge part of any store’s growth. At SpeedPro Marin, Steve listens attentively to customers’ visions and helps them practically achieve their goals by educating them about the options available to them. He never assumes the clients know precisely what they want; instead, he helps them choose the best possible option for their goals and their budget. As the store continues to grow and experience success, Steve focuses on not overstretching company capacity, but on investing smart in equipment and people.

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