speedpro imaging: revitalized

SpeedPro has been around for nearly 20 years and has become a leader in the signs, printing, and graphics industry. In 2014, Boris Katsnelson bought the business from its previous owner and is now the president and CEO. Since he has taken the role, he has relocated the corporate headquarters from Phoenix to Denver. Katsnelson has a history in investment banking and finance and has experience working with companies in operations. He is well-versed in helping individual business owners reach their goal of success. SpeedPro’s rapid growth rate is just one factor that drew Katsnelson to invest in SpeedPro. The vision for the future? Katsnelson hopes to expand SpeedPro to as many as 200 stores by 2020. He also aims to bring other franchisees on board who have strong business skills. In an industry driven by creatives, business savvy is a necessary ingredient for growth. To achieve these goals, corporate SpeedPro is being revitalized with upgraded software, more transparency, and better franchisee support.

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