How SpeedPro is Sustainable

Today’s customers demand sustainability. With conscious consumerism on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to infuse sustainability into their everyday operations. Eco-friendly marketing is one important—but often overlooked—piece of an organization’s sustainability efforts.

Fortunately for our business partners, SpeedPro has embraced sustainability in multiple ways! By making our large-format printing products and operations greener, we’re helping reduce not only our own but also our clients’ impacts on the earth’s materials and resources. This gives our franchise studios a leg up over the competition and a greater sense of pride as they do their work.

What sustainability means to us

In corporate operations, “sustainability” is often linked to reduced carbon emissions and pollution levels. While these are certainly important, we think of sustainability in a broader sense.

SpeedPro’s sustainable efforts encompass the health and wellbeing of the planet, air quality and human beings. The ways we make our business “green” are safer and healthier for our employees, produce less waste and are better for the environment! These efforts speak to our clients’ desire for eco-friendly production.

Why is sustainability important? First and foremost, it helps solidify a healthy future for new generations. By protecting the planet today, we give our children and their children a healthier environment.

SpeedPro’s sustainability efforts also help attract clients. Customers are prioritizing businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. SpeedPro’s B2B clients will come to us because of our range of sustainable product options, then use their green marketing to draw in customers of their own.

How SpeedPro chooses sustainability

SpeedPro’s everyday operations and product line support our commitment to sustainability. And the best part is, what we offer is always growing! As the industry evolves, we continue to present eco-conscious clients with products that are less impactful on the environment—without losing any of their professional quality or impactful messaging! Here are just a few ways we do it.

New ink types

Inks used in large-format printing have been some of the most pollutive over the years. Traditional inks contain solvents, which emit chemicals during the printing process. Fortunately, newer, more sustainable inks have become more common—and are even produced and endorsed by some of the largest names in the industry!

For example, UV-curable inks produce fewer chemical emissions than traditional inks, making them a safer and less-pollutive option. Another benefit of these inks is that they can be used to print on almost any surface. This means the sky’s the limit when it comes to sustainable materials!

SpeedPro studios also have choices for eco-solvent inks, which emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are less harmful to the environment. These inks also break down more easily during the recycling process, further minimizing the impact they have on the earth.

Sustainable substrates

What our projects are printed on is also extremely important. When our clients are finished using their banners, trade show displays or window graphics, they might throw them out. If our studios use greener substrates, they help minimize the amount of time it takes for those projects to decompose.

Historically, plastic materials have been among the most popular substrates in the large-format printing industry. But many plastics contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is non-biodegradable and takes decades to decompose on its own. Newer plastic materials like PVC-free vinyl are becoming more mainstream and have a much lower impact in terms of waste.

We have plenty of recyclable substrate options, as well. Cardboard and cardstock are versatile and can be completely recycled. Wood products like wood veneer and MDO as well as textiles are also eco-friendly and growing in popularity thanks to evolving print technology. When printers are able to print on more materials, our clients’ options get broader and more sustainable!

Some of the materials we source from suppliers like Hewlett Packard come with a bonus recycling service. HP will provide shipping labels so clients can mail their old banners and other recyclable materials to be recycled properly.

Conscious and adaptable operations

SpeedPro isn’t just sustainable thanks to the products and equipment we use. We’re sustainable because we’ve made a commitment to the movement. Our day-to-day operations are designed to lower our carbon footprint and reduce waste. By investing in the latest printers and other technology, we’ve made large-format design and printing easier, faster and more efficient.

And, of course, the large-format printing industry is always changing. New technologies and business practices are making what we do more and more sustainable every day. We consistently research and invest in up-and-coming options to help lead the industry and remain on the cutting edge. One of the best parts of being part of SpeedPro’s network is that you’ll get access to new training and equipment that reflect evolving print practices. At SpeedPro, we stay on top of changes so your business can adapt and benefit!

Are you ready to launch your own large-format printing business? SpeedPro’s franchise investment offers more than just financial opportunity. Our model is built on flexibility, sustainability and collaboration for the best possible experience. Fill out our contact form to get started.