Tips for Matching Coronavirus Signage to Your Brand

For the better part of a year, offices, restaurants, stores and other public places have had to install signs to help employees and customers understand critical policies and remember health guidelines. In the beginning, many businesses had to resort to makeshift or generic signs. At this point, if your business is still relying on these purely functional signs, it’s time to upgrade. Social distancing signage and other forms of coronavirus signage don’t have to be completely run-of-the-mill.

By creating custom coronavirus signs that incorporate your branding, you can communicate the same important messages in a way that also improves your brand recognition and strengthens your company’s relationship with your employees or customers. Plus, these signs will look more polished and professional than other options. You can even better engage people who are used to seeing the same monotonous signs everywhere they go. SpeedPro can help you make coronavirus signs that are unmistakably you. Let’s look at some tips for designing these branded signs.


Colors are an important part of your brand guidelines. Research shows that color is a key part of how people perceive and recognize your brand, so you should look for opportunities to include your signature colors in all your signage and marketing materials, including your coronavirus signs. At SpeedPro, we pride ourselves on our level of color-matching precision. We can ensure your signs match your existing brand materials so people quickly recognize that your signs are customized and in line with your brand.

Some ways to incorporate your colors are in a sign’s background, text or images. Avoid including too many colors that may make a sign appear too busy, and make sure your text and important icons contrast with the background color. You can even include branded colors in subtle ways, like in a border around the edge of an otherwise black and white sign.


The text on your signs should be easily readable. This means you want to choose a simple enough font and make the text large enough that people can read it at a glance from the appropriate distance. Overly decorative or flowery fonts can be difficult to read, making them poor choices for these signs. Beyond this basic requirement, you should also consider using a font you’ve used in other signs or materials so your coronavirus signs are in-line with your other branded materials.

If you have a signature font you want to use that is more calligraphic and may not be quite as easy to read as a more standard font, you can still consider using this font for part of the text. For example, a face mask sign could include a header in a branded font saying, “Mask up,” along with a more detailed message below in a more readable font, such as, “Face masks are required inside.”


Branding isn’t all visual. Your brand’s voice, for example, is immaterial, but it’s a crucial part of your company’s personality. Brand voice is your organization’s unique style of communication. Generic coronavirus signage will include direct messages with no personal flair. When you create custom COVID-19 signs, you have the valuable opportunity to share more specific messages that better match your brand’s unique voice.

For instance, if your brand voice is especially upbeat and on the fun side, you could incorporate this spirit into your message. Or maybe it would be more in line with your brand to use a calm and reassuring tone. Consider what your brand voice sounds like in other signs and forms of communication and create messages for your coronavirus signs that reflect this voice. This will help you present a consistent brand image across the board and develop strong relationships with your customers.


Your logo is likely the most recognizable part of your brand. Most companies put a great deal of thought into creating the perfect logo that embodies their brand. You include your logo on other signs and displays, so why not include it on your coronavirus signage, as well? As we’ve seen, you can incorporate several other aspects of your brand into your design, but your logo is one of the most decided ways of adding your branding to these signs.

You can incorporate your logo in many ways without detracting from a sign’s message. Consider including it as a small image at the top or bottom of your sign, almost like a seal. Or turn your logo into a silhouette and include it in the background as a washed-out image or watermark. You can also get creative with your logo by adding a face mask to a mascot’s face or otherwise modifying the logo to fit the health and safety theme.


Your logo isn’t the only image you can include in your COVID-19 signs. You can also add other images that align with your brand. For example, a bakery could add a graphic of a cupcake. A zoo could add a different animal to each of the social distancing signs posted throughout the premises. You may even be able to find clever ways to feature certain products on your coronavirus signs.

You can also use simple icons or pictures to help communicate your message, using brand colors or other details. These icons can catch people’s eyes so they pay attention to what the sign has to say. They can also help different language speakers understand the sign’s message. For example, showing a face mask will quickly communicate to people that the sign has to do with a mask recommendation or requirement. Two figures with an arrow and the words “6 feet” between them will quickly remind people of social distancing recommendations.


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