Vehicle Wraps: SpeedPro’s Mobile Sales Driver

A key driver of every successful business is advertising. You need to get the word out about your business—especially if you serve the local community. But how do you advertise in a way that’s consistent with what your business offers? At SpeedPro, vehicle wraps are the perfect solution!

Vinyl vehicle wraps are a core part of SpeedPro’s large-format print franchise model because they serve multiple purposes. Not only are they a high-profit-margin product SpeedPro customers love—vehicle wraps are also a fantastic way for Studio owners to market themselves. This two-for-one product does it all, helping potential clients learn what SpeedPro is and showcasing the high-quality products SpeedPro offers. By wrapping a business vehicle, you can take advantage of the same sales benefits your clients do.

The Power of SpeedPro’s Mobile Advertising Product

Vehicle wraps are among the most highly sought-after print products SpeedPro Studios produce. It’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits that high-quality vehicle wraps can offer businesses large and small. When it comes to advertising, vehicle wraps:

  • Are cost-effective. Compared to traditional advertising methods, wraps offer long-lasting exposure at a low cost per impression. With one installation, your message is seen by thousands of eyes.
  • Have high reach. A wrapped vehicle instantly becomes a mobile billboard, reaching a broad audience, whether it’s parked, on the highway or driving the neighborhood.
  • Are fully customizable. A vehicle wrap’s design can be tailored to a specific audience and location, as well as be inclusive of different colors, branded elements and motifs.
  • Increase brand awareness. Wraps create a consistent and memorable brand image in the community, enhancing awareness of a business with each impression.

Better yet, SpeedPro’s vehicle wraps have unique competitive advantages:

  • Variety of options. Customers can choose full wraps, partial wraps, spot graphics or window graphics to suit their needs and budgets.
  • Top-quality materials and printing. SpeedPro’s leading technology and equipment ensure durability, vibrant colors and professional appearance on each wrap.
  • Expert design and installation. Clients get an end-to-end experience, starting with professional design that creates an eye-catching layout. After printing, experienced technicians guarantee a flawless and long-lasting application.

Most importantly, this product is applicable to a wide range of client types—from home service and delivery vans, to construction vehicles, to food trucks, to busses and more. Even compact cars, boats and motorcycles can sport a beautiful wrap, whether for advertising or aesthetic purposes. And, data indicates that the vehicle wrap industry is growing. Together, this growth and adaptability can lead to lasting relevance and greater sales for your SpeedPro Studio.



SpeedPro Owners Can Wrap Their Own Success

There’s ample opportunity to be found in the vehicle wrap market. That’s why we recommend all SpeedPro Studio owners take advantage of it from day one by wrapping their own vehicles!

You’ll need a vehicle to operate your business. It’s what gets you to client meetings and allows you to make deliveries and oversee installations. Wrapping that vehicle gives you the opportunity to advertise your Studio passively—spreading the word while you’re conducting your day-to-day business.

After all, there’s no better way to generate trust and consumer buy-in than by demonstrating your products in action. A well-designed, professionally installed vehicle wrap will turn your company car into a mobile billboard and key sales driver, allowing customers to see for themselves what makes SpeedPro vehicle wraps so special.

The power of vehicle wraps is yours to harness as a SpeedPro Studio owner. When you invest in our large-format printing franchise opportunity, you’ll unlock the tools and process needed to create quality custom wraps that benefit you and your customers. Eager to get started? Learn more about SpeedPro today!