Veterans Are Great For SpeedPro

Veterans Day is right around the corner, on November 11, 2022. As we celebrate our nation’s heroes and their actions to protect us all, we also want to celebrate their tremendous versatility back home—specifically in the business sector. Veterans are 45 percent more likely to start their own businesses, and they currently own around 2.4 million small businesses across the United States. There’s a reason so many veterans are inclined to entrepreneurship. Their skill sets are a perfect match for franchises and independent small businesses!

SpeedPro is proud of its many veteran-owned Studios across the country, and we’re eager to get more off the ground. If you’re a former member of the United States military, consider how your skills and experience might transfer into a successful career as a franchise owner. 

Veterans and first responders thrive as franchise owners due to their worth ethic, determination, and other skill sets.

Determined and solution-oriented

Veterans are no stranger to challenges. Time in the service has helped them become quick thinkers who are adept at solving problems. They’re also unlikely to back down in times of trouble. When the going gets hard, veterans remain determined and resilient so they can better forge ahead.

These skills are a fantastic match for business ownership. Although running a franchise is quite different from military service, entrepreneurship still comes with its share of challenges. Maintaining a solution-oriented and determined spirit is key to pushing through the challenges and emerging successful. 

Structured and organized

Military service is an extremely structured organization. Veterans are familiar with rigid structures and rules for their own safety and efficiency of their unit. They’re able to follow existing systems and enact their own structures to keep things running.

Franchises share a similar type of structure. Franchisees aren’t forging a completely new path—they must follow the systems put in place by the franchise brand. SpeedPro franchise owners must stay organized and efficient for the betterment of the entire network. The ability to work within a structured framework makes veterans a great fit for franchise ownership.

Skilled at learning

No two days are the same in the field. Veterans are used to learning new things rather quickly and applying those skills to the task at hand. This makes many veterans quick studies who are capable of adapting on the fly.

While some franchise owners join an industry they’re familiar with, many come into franchise ownership with no experience in that market at all! This is true of SpeedPro. Our owners are not required to have printing experience prior to joining our team. Instead, our franchise offers robust in-person and ongoing training programs. We expect Studio owners to learn quickly and apply their newfound knowledge to the business. Here, veterans have an advantage when it comes to learning how to be profitable and successful.

Collaborative and team-oriented

Veterans are used to working as part of a team. They forge strong relationships with their peers that are built on collaboration and mutual respect. As they climb the ranks, they must also step up as a leader.

Similarly, SpeedPro requires our owners to be personable, communicative, and collaborative. This helps owners build strong, trusting relationships with their B2B clients and work together to uncover and solve their unique printing challenges. They must also leverage their leadership skills to train, guide and manage their small team of employees every day.

SpeedPro supports veterans

At SpeedPro, we not only extend a heartfelt “thank you” to any veteran who has served our country. We also want to provide our entrepreneurial veterans with great opportunities!

SpeedPro aims to welcome more veterans into our franchise network and reward them for their service. We offer qualified veterans and first responders a $10,000 discount off the initial franchise fee when launching a new SpeedPro Studio.

If you’re a veteran interested in starting your own business, request information about SpeedPro’s large-format printing franchise model. A franchise representative will be in touch to begin the discovery process and launch your brand-new journey.