How Speedpro’s Rampup Program Benefits New Franchisees

Aspiring entrepreneurs often opt for a franchise model over an independent business because they instantly benefit from the franchisor’s proven framework—avoiding many of the pitfalls that new business owners encounter. Franchise brands offer varying degrees of support to help new franchisees hit the ground running.

SpeedPro franchisees have access to a robust, full-scale system that allows them to put their best foot forward when opening their wide-format printing business. We help franchisees start generating revenue and building their business before even opening their doors.

Here’s how our RampUp Program kick-starts sales for franchisees:

Get a Head Start on Generating Revenue

The SpeedPro RampUp Program is one of our many unique differentiators. This program allows you to get a head start with hands-on experience before opening, and it’s designed to assist franchisees with generating revenue almost immediately.

During the RampUp Program, new owners use a “buddy studio” while they aren’t open to begin generating revenue. The buddy studio helps the new owner produce materials for new clients, allowing them to grow their customer base and create revenue. The studios then continue a buddy relationship to help the new owner balance books and reach profitability as soon as possible.

While some franchise brands leave their franchisees to fend for themselves during their first year, the RampUp program helps SpeedPro franchisees start bringing in revenue right away. This helps them break even faster, and ensures they complete everything needed to launch successfully.

Network and Build Your Client Base Right Away

New business owners are eager to start building up their client base, even during the initial startup process. That’s why we have sales and marketing support in place to build brand awareness for our new franchisees in the months leading up to their grand opening. The SpeedPro name carries weight on a national level, but kick-starting local marketing and brand awareness initiatives only further elevates your business. We help you join networking groups and become involved in your local business community to get your name out right away.

We’ll also show you how to engage businesses and develop relationships that will translate into revenue early on. Many of these partnerships – especially with small-format printers – will provide you your first clients. Because of SpeedPro’s off-retail studio locations, B2B focus and unique product line, we aren’t a threat to these small-format printers. In fact, we actually enhance their business by partnering with them and offering additional products and services to their existing clients.

Small-format printers can take care of the business cards and mailers, and we’ll handle the wide-format printing and graphics – from banners and flags to vehicle wraps and point-of-purchase displays. Not only is this a great avenue to build a client base, but by partnering with a nearby small-format print studio, you can start fulfilling orders even before your own grand opening. By earning revenue before even opening your doors, you’re able to start turning a profit more quickly.

We make sure our franchisees are set up to succeed, the SpeedPro Way. Our RampUp program is second-to-none, and it’s just one of the ways we’re able to foster success for our franchisees.

To learn more about SpeedPro’s launch programs and other advantages, contact us here.