6 Answers to New Franchisee Questions

Congratulations on considering the exciting journey of becoming a franchise owner! Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be both thrilling and daunting, and you’re bound to have lots of questions. Our franchise development team at SpeedPro is happy to answer them, providing clarity and building confidence in your decision to join our franchise network.

Let’s delve into some common questions new and prospective franchisees often have, so you can feel more secure in your next step toward franchise ownership.

1. Do I need print experience to join this business?

One of the most common questions we receive from potential SpeedPro owners is, “Is print experience required? Our answer is no! SpeedPro franchisees do not need experience in the large-format printing in order to excel as a printing franchise owner.

The SpeedPro model is set up to train every new franchisee on equipment, service offerings and processes—regardless of how much or how little print experience they come in with. Through our hands-on training program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about operating a SpeedPro Studio successfully.

2. How do I finance my franchise Studio?

Franchise financials is another top concern among prospective franchisees—and for good reason! You want to make sure you can afford the franchise you’re investing in and find ways to pay for it responsibly.

SpeedPro does not offer franchise financing in-house. However, we do maintain relationships with third-party companies who may offer financing options for your business. Additionally, there are other methods of funding your Studio, including conducting a 401(k) rollover, obtaining a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, or funding your business with cash savings.

3. What kinds of support does SpeedPro offer?

Every franchise operates a little differently, so it’s natural to be curious about the level of support each one will offer. At SpeedPro, we pride ourselves on offering a superior level of support to franchise owners—before, during and after launch.

When you get started in our franchise network, you can expect new franchisee support in the realms of financing, Studio location and lease negotiation and general onboarding. Once you sign your franchise agreement, you’ll partake in a two-week, hands-on training course to learn the ins and outs of the business. This is followed by a robust Ramp-Up Program that will help you build local connections and generate revenue for your business even before your doors open.

After your successful launch, you’ll get even more support on an ongoing basis. Our corporate team executes large-scale advertising programs that are funded by your marketing fund contributions. We offer both a SpeedPro University online learning center and The Hub resource center to encourage ongoing education as well as webinars and other training sessions to help you grow as a business owner. And, we all gather once a year for our annual SpeedPro convention, where you can learn from your fellow franchisees and grow your network!

4. Can I own multiple SpeedPro Studios?

Yes, you can own multiple SpeedPro Studios! Ambitious franchise owners may be interested in expanding their portfolio with several Studio locations. However, SpeedPro owners have limitless-scalability with a single location as well.

Our Studio owners have the freedom to make their businesses as large or small as they desire. The business model allows for growth at a pace that’s comfortable for you and adaptable to the market. You can stay a locally focused shop or set your sights on nationwide sales.

5. How can I make my SpeedPro Studio my own?

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a franchise network is that the business model is proven and set up, so you can hit the ground running. That being said, many new franchisees value the ability to tailor their businesses to their personal interests. SpeedPro offers a healthy mix of both!

Our services and products are appliable to a variety of industries, from real estate to education to Fortune 500 companies. However, SpeedPro owners can choose which areas they’d like to focus their business on the most. If your local market has a large pool of nonprofit clients, you can tap into them! Or, if you have ties to your academic community, you can focus on serving their large-format printing needs. In this way, you can pursue projects you’re passionate about and tailor the SpeedPro product line to meet clients’ unique needs.

6. What’s the benefit of joining SpeedPro over an independent business?

Still on the fence about investing in a franchise instead of forging ahead on your own? SpeedPro’s established franchise network has a lot to offer aspiring entrepreneurs. First and foremost, we’re a household name in the large-format printing industry, with decades of experience and a proven product line that’s helped us find success.

With a nationwide network of Studios, SpeedPro can leverage purchasing power on equipment and materials, which lowers the cost of doing business. This is in addition to the substantial investment our corporate team makes in ongoing education and innovation to ensure all Studios stay at the forefront of the industry.

If it wasn’t clear already, SpeedPro is here to help. We are proud to offer tremendous support and education to our new franchisees, with the goal of making your transition into business ownership as smooth as possible. Ready to take the leap? Learn more about our large-format printing franchise!