5 New Years Resolutions for Franchise Owners

The new year is fast approaching, and new year’s resolutions are top of mind. If you’re an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t solely be focusing on setting resolutions for your personal life—you should also be setting new year’s resolutions for your business. New franchise owners, in particular, should use 2024 as a jumping-off point for reaching their goals.

The best part about being a SpeedPro franchisee is that, no matter what your new year’s resolutions are, you have a supportive team behind you. SpeedPro’s franchise support programs and business model encourage and reward owners who are driven toward growth and success.

Here are five of the top new year’s resolutions for new franchise owners and the support SpeedPro can offer to help you achieve them.

1. Invest in continuous learning

The B2B large-format printing industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, meaning that continuous learning is necessary for success. New franchise owners must invest time in ongoing education, attending industry events and using training resources. By staying informed, franchise owners position themselves as knowledgeable leaders, ensuring their business remains adaptable and innovative.

More importantly, continuous learning extends beyond technical skills and into business management strategies and market trends. Investing in education gives franchisees a well-rounded skill set and helps them make informed decisions. Learning is the key to navigating challenges, seizing opportunities and encouraging sustained growth.

Continuous learning is a huge point of focus for SpeedPro. Each new franchise owner gains access to a wealth of resources to help them stay informed and on the leading edge of the industry. These resources might be broad, including new training documents and webinars available on our online portal, or individualized, including daily, weekly and monthly support calls, meetings with field support staff and site visits.

Our collective network also supports continued education. Franchisees can get advice or specialized answers through our “Ask the Owners” program, meet with nearby Studio owners within success groups and regional gatherings and network, with colleagues far and wide at our annual SpeedPro conference.

2. Build a support network

Every new business owner can use some help sometimes. It’s important to build a support network you can turn to for advice, industry connections or just a friendly conversation.

In addition to offering educational resources, SpeedPro’s programs are designed to foster a network of support between Studios. Regional meetings, annual gatherings and the Ask the Owners and Buddy Studio programs all demonstrate the many avenues for peer-to-peer support SpeedPro provides. Make a goal to participate in one or two of these programs regularly throughout the year. Connecting with your fellow franchisees will foster a sense of community and broaden your horizons through new ideas.

Beyond the franchise network, you can add more layers of support by seeking out local business mentors. Connect with experienced business leaders in the printing or adjacent industries through local business associations, Chambers of Commerce or networking events. If you have business experience already, consider stepping up as a mentor yourself for someone who could use a guiding hand. Forging relationships outside the franchise system can offer diverse perspectives and a broader range of expertise that helps your business grow.

3. Strengthen your marketing presence

Marketing is critical, no matter how the economy is faring or what your current client pool looks like. A strong marketing strategy not only enhances brand visibility but also plays an important role in attracting and retaining clients. If your marketing presence is a little lacking, take the opportunity to ramp it up this year.

Fortunately, SpeedPro Studio owners have ample support in this arena. As a franchisor, SpeedPro has crafted a robust marketing plan available to all franchisees—starting even before your Studio opens. In fact, the SpeedPro marketing team is one of the largest teams at our HQ!

You’ll receive a customized website for your location along with search engine optimization to help you rank in your territory. Additionally, we support you with digital marketing, cold calling and list building to help create an initial client pool. These efforts are enhanced through marketing automation tools, ongoing PR services and client review compilation. SpeedPro owners are also provided marketing training and client vertical marketing toolkits to help them conduct marketing campaigns of their own.

By aligning with and building off of our marketing initiatives, franchise owners can enhance their Studio’s visibility, credibility and customer outreach—ultimately accelerating their growth trajectory.

4. Enhance customer service protocols

Customer service should always be a top priority for businesses—that’s why SpeedPro is so proud of our impeccable Net Promoter Score! However, there’s always room for improvement. Great customer service helps Studio owners solidify repeat business and forge lasting connections in their local communities.

Consider the many ways you can enhance customer service at your Studio. After product delivery and installation, try implementing customer surveys to gather valuable feedback and address any concerns promptly. You might also establish routine check-ins with past clients, either through personalized emails or phone calls, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing support.

To further enhance customer relationships, consider adding personal touches, like sending hand-written notes for holidays or special celebrations. You could even deepen your engagement in the local community by attending events, volunteering and participating in charitable initiatives. Sponsoring local sports teams or community gatherings not only promotes the franchise but also positions it as an integral part of the region, fostering a positive brand image and encouraging stronger customer relationships.

5. Taking the leap into franchise ownership

Finally, if you’re not currently a business owner but you’ve always dreamed of becoming one, make this year the year you take the leap! Investing in your own franchise business is a great path to entrepreneurship, offering a structured pathway with fewer risks than building a business from scratch.

Choosing SpeedPro’s B2B large-format printing opportunity allows you to start a business simply and scale at your own pace. And, thanks to our full range of support programs, you can continue to work on personal growth and entrepreneurial success all year long. The new year is a fantastic time to start a new journey—get a head start and inquire with SpeedPro now to learn more.