Print Advertising for the Modern Age

For years, people have claimed that print is no longer a relevant advertising method. Yet, everywhere you turn, print products can be found! From event banners hanging outside sports stadiums, to murals inside your corporate office, to wrapped fleet vehicles for your local plumbing service, large-format printing is all around you.

But there’s even more that signals the strength—and growth—of print advertising. Print is actually evolving alongside other industries, making it a worthy competitor and a mainstay in the advertising world.

It’s this strength that helps fuel the growth of SpeedPro, the nation’s leading large-format printing franchise. If our business model intrigues you, don’t buy believe the myth that print is a dying business. Let us show you just how prevalent print advertising is in the modern age.

Print cuts through the digital clutter

One of the main benefits of print advertising today is its ability to cut through the “noise” found in online spaces. Customers are bombarded with emails, texts and social media ads every day. A bold, oversized sign on the street is much more likely to grab their attention.

Advertising with large-format print products produces great ROI for businesses. In many cases, these products are used in the long term and generate thousands of impressions, making them cost-effective and impactful. For this reason, organizations across almost every industry still use print ads.

Industry forecasts predict that the large-format printing industry will only continue to grow, reaching an estimated $30 billion by 2028. That definitely doesn’t sound like a dying business!

Better tech means better graphics

Savvy entrepreneurs know that popularity today doesn’t necessarily equate to popularity years from now. In order to remain competitive, large-format printers need to continuously evolve their products. And evolve and adapt, they have!

SpeedPro is a fantastic example of this evolution. In the industry pours millions of dollars into product development and innovation, sourcing the newest printing technology, inks, substrates and applications. The result is a product line that meets current and emerging needs in new and better ways.

Take, for example, sustainable printing. Green business practices are increasingly important to our customers. By researching eco-friendly inks and recyclable materials, we are helping to make print advertising more sustainable.

Evolving technology has also helped our GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. get even better! Modern printers produce crisper lines, brighter colors and bolder images, making new print products look that much more appealing. Gone are outdated-looking murals and hard-to-read banners. Today’s print ads are beautiful and engaging for the modern consumer.

Expanding product lines serve new needs

Another indicator of print’s longevity is its integration with digital formats. Print and digital are no longer in separate spheres—printers have begun incorporating digital elements into their signage to bridge the gap.

SpeedPro’s product lineup includes InfoLnkX technology—a touchless print-digital connection using NFC tags. By holding their phone up to NFC-integrated signage, customers can access information online, such as menus, payment screens or bonus content. This combination creates a win-win for advertisers. They attract customers with eye-catching large-format printing, and then deliver extra digital communication that keeps people engaged.

This type of smart signage is just one of the countless ways printers are integrating their products with the digital industry, delivering the best of both worlds to clients. It’s also a fantastic example of how print continues to find ways to stay relevant, even as digital communication grows.

Grow with SpeedPro

It’s abundantly clear that print is not dead. Thanks to constant innovation, it’s the furthest thing from! When you join SpeedPro’s network of large-format printing franchises, you’ll gain access to all the innovation and opportunities print advertising has to offer—now and for many years to come.

Ready to learn more? Take the plunge into large-format printing with SpeedPro’s franchise opportunity today!